NDX still kickass

My NDS has gone back to Naim for a new screen (Under used warranty) so I’m listening to my old NDX with XPS2. Well! It’s not an NDS but I now know why I loved it so much before the upgrade. It kicks ass. The NDS is so much better in many ways but I’ve got to say that and NDX could easily be many folks end game streamer. It’s an absolute bargain right now.


It really is and yet never had a lot of love for some reason. Paired with an XPSdr, it has a warmer smoother presentation that some may be accustomed to from other Naim digital sources and maybe that explains why. I don’t know. But I think it’s every bit as good as a CDX2 if set up carefully, albeit with a different presentation.

Certainly, I love mine and don’t really have any plan to swap it out for a higher end source right now.


I find the XPS2 adds more detail as well. It’s up for sale when the NDS returns but I am tentatively thinking about keeping it in my 2nd system and selling on the ND5XS instead. It feels silly as I have a nice matching 2nd system but I feel I might regret letting it go in future. My conscience is saying no as that way leads to the Nait5si becoming a Supernait :flushed:. Decisions, decisions :roll_eyes:.

Adding a box that tips the balance of the overall system can only ever lead to one thing ime

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If you let it go, it’s not like it will be trashed. Someone who buys it will treasure it too.

But on the other hand, who said you only have to have two systems?

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My main system is in a cabin at the top of the garden. 2nd system is in the living room. I listen late at night so have neighbours and family to consider. But it’s not outside the realms of possibility that if I move house when my wife retires that I might consolidate the two. Just pipe dreams at the moment though.

I still enjoy my NDX (2014) it is not my main source, but that being said it certainly does not need to be replaced, I radio is yes slightly forward in presentation but the UpNP is still a lovely and musical

I only plan to change mine either when it gives up, then will look on the market - for the amount of time the NDX is used can’t justify 5k on NDX2


NDX is the very first product which marked the decline of Naim sources.
Until then they were among the best.
Luckily that process had been slower as far as 10 years ago than it is now so that it can be safe saying it’s still a good sounding source though prone to screen issues and obvious obsolescence.
Anyway nowhere close to what made Naim special the previous decades.

Not sure I entirely agree but then again I haven’t much experience of other manufacturers at the same level. I certainly don’t look at the Naim streamers in the same way as my Olive kit but I feel they still have a synergy with the older kit.

that’s why they survive they’re still a span above the rest.
Anyway not necessarily talking of olive kit, but all CDS’s , cd555 nDAC

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I use a late model NDX-BT in my office with a Supernait 2/Hicap/Core. It sounds great and a total bargain used (if you can find one).

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