NDX Stopping Playing

Hi all. Brand new to the forum and looking forward to exploring my audio addiction with some like minded folks here! Just acquired a used NDX and have it working (mostly) fine. It’s connected via wifi. My issue is periodically when reading from my music server that is on my network it will only play a song for a minute and then stop. I’ll go to another song and again it stops after about a minute. The workaround seems to be to go back through the menu and start from the initial point that the NDX recognizes the media server. After I go through all the folders to get to my library it works fine again for a while.

Anyone experience this? Wondering if it’s a wifi problem or some setting that I haven’t figured out? I checked my router and the DNS settings appear to be appropriate. I’ve looked on the NDX and can’t see any settings that I can change. Maybe my issue is just wifi and need to connect vie Ethernet.

Any experience or suggestions welcome!



Hi Dave, welcome to the forum & to Naim,
I’ve not experienced the same as your problem with my NDX. Ethernet is a good idea to try to see if that fix’um, try a temporary install just to see. But whatever, ethernet is always the better option.

I had this once, it was most odd.

My NDX went to the dealer to be upgraded to the new 24/192 board, it was gone for only a morning.

When it came back I plugged it in exactly as before and it did exactly as the OP described.

In my case removing the network switch resolved the problem, in fact I replaced it. The network switch functioned perfectly with a computer connected to the same port.

Whilst the OP uses wireless I wonder if it worth trying a wired connection as it does seem to be a networking issue.

Thanks Mike Cheers

Much appreciated! I will be trying to rig a temporary ethernet connection soon to see if that resolved the problem. Pardon my ignorance but when you mention OP what does that stand for?

OP is shorthand for Original Poster, so you as the person who started the thread.
Oh, and welcome to the forum. It’s a pretty cool place to chat music and hifi, and many other hobbies.

Thanks Eoink!

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