NDX - Tidal input / app icon not available

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I’m sure this already has been covered, however the old forum post are gone for now and I need a quick solution if possible :slight_smile:

I’v bought a sh NDX with the updated 192/24 board on it, so TIDAL should be available (BC SW starts with 3D…). I have the newest 4.6 firmware on it, but there is no input for TIDAL, neither on the Naim App (tried iOS and Android) or the player itself. Am I missing something?

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Not sure if this is your problem, but on the Naim app page where you select radio, upnp, usb etc, you have to swipe the selection line to the left in order to reach the second page which displays ‘Tidal’ as an option.

Thanks for your quick reply, but unfortunately, no, on the second page there are the Digital Inputs 2 to 3 I think…

Is the Tidal input visible in Input Settings? Presumably not, as it is usually enabled by default, but worth a check just in case.

There is an odd issue where old models first needed the 4.4 update to be loaded, before 4.6, to enable Tidal, so if you can do those two updates it might solve your problem.

No, the input is not visible in the Input Settings.

But thank you for the firmware issue…I guess that could be the problem. The update has been done by the former owner, so I don’t now how and what he did actually. Is it possible to downgrade to 4.4 first?

Yes, if you look on the NDX web page, 4.4 is still available.

Yes, I’ve seen that, but I wasn’t sure if a downgrade could be done…but I will certainly try that :slight_smile:

The ‘downgrade’ has certainly been done by others, so it should be fine.
If you haven’t done a streamer update before, the process can seem a little daunting - make sure you follow the instructions to the letter and you should be OK.

Thanks ChrisSU, I am quite good with computers, so the process should be going ok (following the instructions of course :wink: ). And thanks for your help!

Hmm, unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I rolled back to 4.4 and all the updates went well (DSPDAC, ARM Code, etc.) but the last one get’s an error (Streaming Firmware upgrade)…

Sorry, the error message is in german, although I changed the language…

Any ideas?


Hi there,

That part of the update uses the Ethernet connection.
Try disabling any antivirus or firewall software you may be running during the update.
They can block some vital ports.


Have you checked Input settings for Tidal and that input enabled is ticked in the app settings?

Rolling back to 4.4 will absolutely fix this issue.

Then apply 4.6 via the same method.

It’s just a question of the network allowing access to the streamer.


Edit - I should add, as long as the unit really does have the 24/192 card installed.

I can’t think of any obvious reason, other than possibly a network dropout. Maybe worth checking firewalls etc. as Neil suggests.
I would just restart it, check that it still works on 4.6 and then run the update again.
Good luck!

That did the trick! Had to disable the firewall and antivirus and it went through :grinning:. Feel a bit silly as this is always written but I never do it as normally it never helps :slight_smile:

Just love this forum, thank you all for your input!!!

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