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Can anyone advise subject to listening is there much lacking in just using an NDX as a transport? I would like to audition and explore the Chord DAC’s and possibly the M Scaler compared with the NDX2. I currently use an NDX into a Supernait2 with HicapDR.
For what it’s worth I only stream Tidal FLAC.

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@Simon-in-Suffolk used the NDX into his Chord Hugo until very recently and was quite happy with the results. He now uses an NDX2 as a transport into his Hugo. So you will not be alone in this approach.

Yep - worked well. Take care of you media server and your home network - and use a reverse proxy (BubbleUPnP) for Tidal and it all sounds rather good.
The transport was notably improved wit the NDX2 advanced transport - but the NDX transport was certainly no slouch if you recognised its limitations

I will look into that as that’s a foreign language to me! :see_no_evil::+1:t2:

NDX - use a quality network switch, and a good UPnP media server… this is what plays the UPnP audio media, You can use Asset, MinimServer or Naim solutions

Tidal is a web based streaming service - it sounds best on the NDX when playing through another server - BubbleUPnP is an example of this - technically its called a reverse proxy.

A streamer transport is the part of the device that takes the varying digital and network inputs and converts them into a quality precision clocked sample stream for input into its own DAC or an off board DAC

Great Cheers Simon! So by doing this obviously I won’t be using the internal Tidal function of the NDX. Am I right in thinking then, in doing this it opens me up to using other services like Qobuz should I wish?

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If you are going to use MScaler then I would think NDX would do very nicely. I have 3 transport choices: Linn DSM, Sonore μRendu & Mac mini. Mac mini works best for me because it runs JRiver DSP Studio. Otherwise I cannot distinguish between the transports.

If using MScaler then you may need to be careful with how you connect it to your Chord DAC. I use dual Canare coaxial with Canare BNCs at each end. I have a Wurth Electrics split core ferrite at each end of the cable, which filter up to 2GHz and were recommended by Rob Watts.

I would also use a similar Canare between NDX and MScaler.

Hope it goes well and you are able to find the best combo for your system and taste. Sorry I’m not a Tidal subscriber so unsure how best to set it up, My Mac mini will play all the services you mention, but they are not something I use.

If you add an external DAC to the NDX, you will still be using the NDX streaming transport to handle Tidal, either through the native input, or as Simon suggests above, by using BubbleUPnP server.
BubbleUPnP also gives you the option to use Qobuz which is not otherwise supported on the NDX.

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I use an NDX as transport into a Chord Hugo TT (though playing my own rips from a NAS). It’s great.

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