NDX - Turn on Digital Out without display

I have a NDX with a dead display. How would you turn on the Digital Out without a working display?

Is the Dig out on or off from the factory? Is it possible to fully restore factory default without the display?

Its off by default. If the display is shot someone with an NDX maybe able to post the remote control key sequence for you to enable.

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Here we go:
-Settings (the wrench)

  • 5 x down
  • 2 x right
  • 1 x up
  • ok
  • exit

Digital output “ON”.

Btw, a new display costed me 240€ (shipping included). I recently did the exchange and it’s well worth it IMO.
Good luck.


PERFECT!! It’s turned on now. Thank you.


Did you send the box back to Naim for the screen replacement or it can be done yourself? I’m not in the UK.

Sorry, another thing. My DAC does not have an indicator. Would it be set to Native or 24/96? I would like to set it to Native. Thanks.

I dropped it of at my dealer who shipped it to the Swedish Naim representative/importer who exchanged the display. Talk to your Naim dealer (or any Naim dealer).

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