NDX Update

It was just a general comment but that said the answers are all here on the forum and accessible by using the search facility.

I did and after reading a few posts about upgrading the NDX to other hardware I thought it would be quicker to just ask the question that required a quick yes/no. I got my response from Mike straight away. A lot less time than wading through dozens of posts that weren’t providing the information I needed.

It’s Christmas
Let’s not jump down each others throats for asking a simple question
If it annoys you…open a different thread and read that instead

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Just to move this on … same subject … a few weeks ago my Windows-10 got its knickers in a twist & the only option was to run a new install. The excellent MS/Win help program gave me various options, but first option was to overwrite a new install, only problem was it deleted all the self added programs & apps. = grrrr & gnashing of teeth
The reinstall is similar to having a new laptop, all the personalisation stuff had gone & being a bit anal on this stuff it took a few days fiddling to get it fettled right.
Then - thanks to this thread - yesterday I find my Naim Firmware Install program had gone, & this included all the years of beta work & the firmware I thought to be worth saving.
No probs, this morning I’ve reinstalled the Naim program, but what about the old firmware versions ??
I’m hoping its in my backup, but people are waiting to go ho-ho-ho shopping … then its my job to do ‘the tree’
Busy life this

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