NDX vs Audiolab 6000N play

At this point I use a Audiolab streamer. There are serveral NAIM NDX for sale. I like using qobuz.
I use play fi and that works alright. But not with Hi res. The WiFi is not good enough I think. Than I switch over to the Qobuz server in the app.
Using Tidal is also an option but if I am right the NDX does not stream Hi res Tidal. I dont rip cd’s. I the near future I would also like to buy a cd player.
My question is now is a NDX an option or upgrade.
For me it seems like it is not a good option because I stream a lot.
Can some one give me advice or tips.

The NDX doesn’t do Qouz or un-fold MQA from Tidal, so doesn’t look right for your use.

I use a Raspberry Pi 4 running Bubble UPnP Server to get Qobuz onto my NDS, but that’s an extra box and some configuration to do.

Thanks MaxiMe. With your solution do you stream from your phone or is your phone just a kind of remote?

The phone is a remote.
I can also use Linn Kazoo on my laptop, but I didn’t get on with it (and found it odd to use a competitor’s software)

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If you’re happy without a screen like the 6000N then the newer technology ND5XS2 is a good idea. There’s the odd one turning up second hand or ex-dem now.

I am going to try aNDX and check the SQ.
We also going to hook up the audiolab to the NDX and the NDX to the preamp.

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