Completely new to this so forgive me if this is a silly question…but which one would be better in a 82/2xhicap/250/sbl system?
I would envisage streaming Amazon HD, Quboz or similar…


I briefly used an ND5XS on it’s own before using it as transport only into a Chord Hugo DAC.

Given your system, I would recommend that you give the ND5XS a miss and instead look at getting an NDX (second hand obviously) or an ND5XS2 which I haven’t heard but reviews and posts on this forum suggest it’s much better than the original ND5XS and more in line with the quality of your system.

If you want to stream Qobuz, then the ND5XS2 is your best bet. It supports Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz. The older models only support Spotify or Tidal. None of them support Amazon HD. You won’t find many (if any) streamer/DACs of any make that do.

NDX preferably with a XPS external PSU.

Good luck.


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