Ndx vs nds

Hello , i have a question
I have a ndx and cdx2 and I use them with an xps, wanting to make a substantial upgrade, what is better: 1) put nds in place of ndx, and then later a mechanic for cd.
2) put 555ps in place of xps
thanks to everyone

I would say without doubt NDS with XPS rather than 555ps on the NDX.

I moved from bare NDX to NDX/XPS DR - good improvement.
Then the NDX was swapped for an NDS with the XPS DR - massive improvement
Finally 555DR on NDS - significant improvement.

I’ve heard an NDX in a similar system to mine with a 555ps non DR and didn’t feel it added anything over an XPS DR. It was nowhere close to my NDS with the XPS DR either.

If you upgrade to an NDS I don’t see any need for a CD player.

Is your XPS DR’d?


Surely you mean NDS?:blush:

Good spot, edited!

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I don’t have @trickydickies experience since I never had a chance to have an ndx with an external power supply. However I just must say the NDS is amazing. I use 555DR to power it. The NDS replaced a bare NDX. Now the whole music experience is totally addictive. Every day, I can’t wait to have a listen.


thanks for response, i have an xps (non-dr)

I did this very test at my dealer before I bought the NDS. I concur with @trickydickie that the NDS with XPS was better than the NDX with 555PS.

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I just replaced an olive xps with new xpsdr- significant upgrade

  • this on a cds 2
    FYI david
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I found the move from NDX to NDS very positive - very worthwhile.


What about a NDX2 vs NDS bought for the same price? NDS is always the winner? Both with XPSDR.

If I recall correctly the NDS came out as a better performer on sound. I guess it depends if you feel you need the latest platform/ software.

I have no problems living with old software and my NDS is sounding damn fine albeit with a 555ps.

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hello, yesterday i got the NDS… simply extraordinary, the difference with NDX is clear, more airy, detailed and very analog sound and very deep bass. the next step, a cd mechanic to replace cdx2

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It’s a very good machine, enjoy!

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Glad you are pleased with the upgrade.

As you say it’s extraordinary, it’s as if you have upgraded the source and also added a power amp, the system sounds so much more dynamic. Shockingly so at times even after well over a year I’m still being surprised.

Now you need to save up for a 555! It’s almost the same gain again.


On a scale from 1 to 10, if NDX/555PS (non DR) is a 6,

how good is NDS/555PS ? 8.5 ?

Thanks in advance to those who’ve tried and willing to enlighten us.

Price for used NDS has come down a lot. I am also tempted to…

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It’s very difficult to put things into a simple number scale.

If you already have a 555ps with an NDX then an upgrade to an NDS is a no brainer as long as you have the money.

It’s one of those upgrades you can do with confidence I believe without a listen assuming you still want a Naim source. I don’t think anyone who has heard the difference would remotely express a preference for the NDX over the NDS, it’s so much further ahead.

Remember the displays do fail in both units so locating one that has recently had a new display is a good idea. My NDX was fading and the NDS I bought was freshly sealed from the factory having had a new display and service. I paid a small premium for this (and took a hit on the NDX which needed to be serviced) which I felt was worthwhile.


Spot on, they are super value for money and have that delightful analogue sound. Prices are stable so in the unlikely event you didn’t like it you could easily move it on at little loss - but you won’t not like it so a moot point!


Alwasy NDS.
I actually own both NDX and NDS, both running off 555PS.
For sheer listening pleasure - always NDS (and I actually like it so much, I will not be upgrading to ND555).


I went from NDX to NDS/XPS2(non DR) to NDS/ps555DR. All are wonderful configurations. For me the biggest step up was the NDX to NDS/XPS2.


Thank you very much for your prompt feedback. I’m currently in the mid of a choice, trade in my CDX2.2 for a NDX2 or NDS together with my XPSDR or replace my DTC with a SCDR for my 282. I was planning also to start to investigate for a loudspeakers change since my Kudos C20 are almost to their limit for the new bigger room (28/30mq) and bass response is quite limited relevant to my previous smaller room.
Too many option and too much confusion in my head :slight_smile: