NDX vs NDX 2

I noticed some used NDX’s available at substantially lower cost than the NDX-2. Does anyone have the original NDX? Can they comment on its limitations relative to the NDX-2? I’m particularly interested in integrating the NDX into my existing non-Naim rig for Naim app control with Tidal (and Qobuz) and multi-room with my Mu-so. But, it’s not clear to me that it is continuing to be supported.

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The Ndx2 uses the new platform and is better sonically by a good margin. And the Ndx can’t integrate native Qobuz.
However, if the price is very interesting, the Ndx is still a good streamer. You can add a second hand Ndac and have the Ndx2 performance.

I have an original NDX and it does a wonderful job … have I heard an NDX2 ? Nope … But rest assured that naim will continue to support the original …

Do you use Tidal or Qobuz?

I have a NDX 2, having upgraded from a NDX. The NDX 2 supports both Tidal and Qobuz. The first generation NDX only supports TIDAL.

Neither …

The streaming world is changing so rapidly that keeping up can be quite expensive.

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I used TIDAL HiFi (HIRes) subscription for 2 1/2 years at $19.99/Mo and swithed to Qobuz after doing a comparison for HiRes and the cost is $14.99/Mo. For the service and convenience it is worth the cost.

That being said, streaming is extremely fulfilling for me. I’ve expanded my collection and discovered artists I would have never been interested in.


I totally agree. It’s just that their entry level streamer is north of 3K. That’s a bit rich for my system. So, I have to look for something else, like NAD. Pity, because I like the Naim app and my Mu-so…

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Is it though… the main players have been around for several years now… I was expecting to have seen more innovation, but instead we are seeing global territory expansion and price reductions… not that I am complaining. But the streaming world is kind of static, and I would be interesting to see where the next innovation would be…
Personally I would like to see a combined Roon streaming service, now that would be a change.

I think if and when the streaming world does start to change and evolve more rapidly, we may see the rise of the service aggregation server or reverse proxy server from the people of the likes of Naim, which will allow services to be on boarded and evolve without affecting the streamer builds… but right now the market/streaming world is too static to make that worthwhile.

With regard to the NDX and NDX2 (and the other newer streamers) the main difference was not including Qobuz, but improving the product to make it more robust for higher bandwidth internet use, and significantly improving digital noise coupling mitigation and management whilst addressing the short comings of the legacy products to provide a significantly more performant product. Naim were/are mighty proud of the new streamer architectures, and rightfully so in my opinion.
Kind of like comparing the Boeing 707 with the Boeing 757 :grinning:


How about a used nDac and Bluesound Node 2i

Node 2i is connected to the coax input of my 272 this then utilises the DAC within the 272 keeping the Naim sound, Qobuz sounds sublime via this method.

Naim nDac go for around £800, Node 2i £500.

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That’s a great suggestion. Just for clarification, is the nDac the first Naim DAC (reviewed by What HiFi back in 2010?). But, I think this the somewhat the point. The Bluesound Node 2i effectively acts as a bridge to allow non-Bluesound devices enter into their ecosystem. I have to imagine the tech in the Mu-so could be separated into a similar module for a similar price (<$700). That would allow people using legacy Naim products to keep up with updates, e.g., Qobuz while still maintaining the investment in their great power supply and electronics.

Remember it’s the electronics that have been upgraded as well in the new streamers to significantly improve SQ… integration with services like Qobuz is simply the tip of the iceberg.
Think DR and non DR PSUs


May ask what DR and PSU mean?

DR is the specificity of the power supply. A specific regulation. Don’t remember what “ D” means.
PSU is power supply.

DR = discrete regulator
PSU = power supply unit

Naim has a white paper on the DR technology, avaliable via the main website.

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The upgrades to the Naim PSUs when Naim ntroduced their own designed ‘discrete regulator’ specifically designed for the job in Naim powersupplies as opposed to using Rob Dobkin’s and possibly others’ component designs of more general purpose ‘modular regulators’.

Correct the original Naim DAC.

If I’m reading your post correctly the Muso doesn’t support digital out only inputs so you cannot use this to feed an external DAC.

I have both having started with the NDX then upgrading got the better of me. I think the rest of the set up determines whether it’s a worthwhile step. For example I ran the NDX2 powered by a standard psu and it wasn’t that dramatically different to the NDX - but when I powered it with a 555PSU the difference was ecstatically uplifting. The 555 on the NDX less so.
Conclusion would be the NDX2 is significantly worth the step but only if it’s powered by the expensive psu … chicken and egg and frustrating all in one go. I’d try and find an old 555psu and link it up with the NDX2 ( bit like the premium level before with the NDS I might add)
Good luck and enjoy​:ok_hand::pray:

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