Ndx vs ndx2 : speed response and audio quality


I am planning to replace on few months my Naim nova by an 282 + ndx (old). The nova work actually with nap 250 olive.
I am looking on information about the speed response and the reliability of the old ndx vs nova (I will probably add AirPlay to ndx via third party hardware)

Did someone can give me informations about this setup ?
Is there a real improvement into signal quality with this older setup ?


Hi, what exactly do you mean by speed response?
As you are used to the new streaming platform, you may find the old models worse for some uses, especially web streaming services like Tidal, although this will depend on your network and other factors. WiFi performance is certainly better on the new models, so you should plan to use a wired connection.

Having just moved to a NDX2 (from 1st gen). You might be disappointed in some of the functions you would miss moving to an older NDX. Also, what the NDX2 brings to my system (also a 282 w 250.2) is quite special. More space (black/lack of noise) between notes and instruments.

Something to think about.

And having Roon is huge for me as well.

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