NDX vs node2

Hi, I like my NDX as the music is comparable (for me the same) as with my CDX2.
Two days ago I made a test by hearing the same music on NDX and Bluesound node2.
To my surprise and probably I can´t hear anymore so well, the result was that I don´t hear any difference (or so mini not to be taken into account). I guess I don´t have to mention the price difference.
Note: NDX (grey snaic 5) to NAC282/Supercap/NAP250/Akurate242 via Tuner in / node2 (Chord Crimson VEE3) to NAC282/Supercap/NAP250/Akurate242 via AUX1.
Any experience from your side on this comparison?
Best regards from Hamburg

The difference should be obvious. I have heard the Bluesound node , don’t remember if node 1 or 2. Good sound for the cost, but definitely not in the same league as Ndx.
Something is wrong somewhere in the chain.

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