NDX with Nait 5i?

Hello, first post and thanks for letting me join into your forum.
Is the Nait 5i a match for the NDX ? Your thoughts welcomed.
I’m looking to reuse my Nait 5i. I assume this connects via the tuner DIN as I still have my CD5.

Yup, that’ll make a lovely pairing. Just be sure to set the signal earth switch to floating.

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Although it doesn’t have the latest streaming platform the NDX is a quality streamer especially if you are streaming from a NAS or other quality local source. It probably warrants a somewhat better amp IMO.

Richard, thank you and for the advice re signal switching

Svetty, yes I have a NAS - I’ve always enjoyed the musically of the Nait. Unfortunately the listing room is now on the smaller size so not sure something further up the chain will benefit

Surely as the only source it should be set to ground? It would be floating if there was a Naim CD player in the system.

OP has a CD5 :slight_smile:


Silly me!

Heard a NDX at Tom Tom the other day, sounded lovely :slight_smile:

And to add a bit, I use my UQ1 just fine with streaming services. Uses a wired connection, and had no issues with either BubbleUPnP with my phone controlling, or using a Mac mini running BubbleUPnP server. I’m not saying network issues won’t afflict a 1st Gen streamer, but I would not say it was by any means certain either.

Just to add to gthack’s comments above, you should be aware that the original NDX is an old design with a number of limitations. For example, it has weak wireless performance and is best used with a wired Ethernet connection. It doesn’t have access to all of the internet radio options of the current models. It lacks support for Qobuz, Roon, AirPlay and Chromecast, having been designed for local streaming from network storage.
Sure, there are workarounds for some of these limitations if you don’t mind a bit of tinkering.
If all of the above doesn’t bother you, it’s still a great streamer and could be an excellent source for your system.


A better amp such as Supernait will make a better pairing or if you’re going separates on a budget look at 82 HiCap 250CB or olive.

I’ve just bought a second hand NDX. So far it’s sounding great. As others have said it’s not the latest model but it seems to be working well with Tidal for me.

It should be a step up in sound from your CD5

Thank you all for your very helpful comments, much appraised. I already have a NDX for some time and it’s connected via Ethernet with NAS. I do not want to go with multiple boxes so just seeking thoughts on pairing with Nait 5i which has been boxed and stored for quite a few years - will have to dig out and give it a try.


Hi, just thought I’d update on this trial with my NDX and my Nait 5i (c 2005/8). For reference the current amp is 202/200. Well ……… really quite enjoyable. It appears more musical, alive and dare I say more enjoyable. Can this be right - can some enjoy the Nait’s over the bigger pre/power. I remember having purchased the 202/200 a year or later I heard the SN and enjoyed that more …… I know it’s all subjective, but has anyone else enjoyed the Nait’s more than the bigger (classic) pre - power amps.


Well it’s a good few years ago now, but I preferred the original SN + HC to 200/202/HC by a small margin. The pre/power had an attractive open airy quality whereas the integrated was fuller and more physical and was what I bought. I was not alone in that choice.


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This is really good to read… I have just bought an ndx 2 and am looking to get a smaller integrated as a stop gap while I save for a SN2/3. Nice to know that a smaller integrated will sound nice.

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