Ndx, xps, ndx2

I own an NDX and I am seeking your advice on these upgrade path alternatives:

  • Add a used XPS or a new XPS DR
  • Sell the NDX and purchase an NDX2.

I also own the NDX, and you have a few options.

Out of the two upgrade paths you listed, I would lean towards buying a used XPS power supply.

Another option is buying a used Naim DAC, and then adding the XPS to the DAC. Finally you could add a Power-Line to the XPS to increase the DAC’s performance.

NDX > DAC with XPS (Power-Line)

I would recommend going and having a listen, it’s the only way to really answer the question.

I had an NDX and an XPS DR was a decent uplift to me, more so than I expected as some people report that the difference is insignificant.

When I visited the Naim factory last year I did speak to the designer of the streamers and whether he felt that an NDX/XPS DR would outperform an NDX2 bare. He wasn’t sure which way would win out (same for adding an nDAC to the NDX) but did feel that it would be an interesting comparison. From his comments I suspect there wouldn’t be much in it.

In the end I added the power supply (without listening) as I wanted to move to an NDS which is a different proposition again!

good evening

I too own an NDX from 2014 when I was looking at upgrade paths I found the bare NDX was lovely, add Xps added a little more detail, but IMO not worth the lift for the oulay - the BIG one was 555 PSU

so I left my NDX bare until I can go 555, the NDX2 is a great streamer and having heard on demo it would be a close call between NDX and XPS, for me the NDX/555 would take on the NDX2 -

demo would be the only true way

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