Ndx2/252/300 vs 222/250

I know I have to demo it, but for those who heard it - what do you think:

NSC 222 + NAP 250 (2023)

„better“ than?

NAC 252 + SCDR + NDX2 + NAP 300 (2017 - 2020)

No NPX 300 in the game.


Having heard a 300/222/250(2023) and a NDX 2, SC DR, NAC 252, NAP 250 in the same dealer demo room I would choose the latter. I would assume the NAP 300 would only improve the sound.

Of course someone else may choose differently, especially if you are looking for a 3 box solution. Also at the time the new system was only running for about a week and improvements in sound over the past month might have tightened up the gap.

Best hear it with your own ears of course. This 71 year old may just be leading you astray.


What is it with the 252 based system that would make you pay the premium over the 222 based one?

I think AndiB already has the 252 based system so perhaps could be considering downsizing/simplifying :man_shrugging: and is wondering at what musical expense - a demo if possible would probably help. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with the 252 based system to give a view.

IMHO you have the ‘sweetspot’ system in the Naim classic range (inc 500 series).

Over the years I have tried them all…only my opinion, however after listening/demoing the New classic range 200 series it is easily surpassed by what you have now…so I would keep what you have unless you are aiming to simplify the number of boxes. (with an NPX300 the gap closes…)

now the forthcoming 300 series may be different…prob at a great cost to upgrade…


If your post was aimed at mine. My post was directed at @seakayaker comment. I’m curious about how the 2 systems suffered in his demo.

That is interesting. When you say the gap closes. Considering the premium the 252 based system is, would you consider it worth the extra cost to get the 252 system over the 222/300/250? And how would you describe the differences?

@AndiB I heard 222/250/300 on demo with Kudos Titans T505 so same speakers as mine with Kudos speaker cable

the system as set up was very good indeed and what you would expect from 15K +

I own 252/300DR I use a my main source LP12 (90%) NDX (10%) and to me after 2 hours i really liked the 222/250/300 but for me it did not have the depth, detail, focus and drive of my system when I played same tracks at home with NDX

IMO the 252/300 is ICON in the NAIM range , would I consider changing as things stand at the moment - NO, but lets see when the 300 new classic is released at some point


The question asked was about which sounded better. Having heard both I gave my answer to that question.

As far as cost goes for me I already own a NDX 2, HiCap DR, NAC 282 and NAP 250 DR. The person who asked the question already owns a '252+SCDR / 300DR / NDX2 / CDX2.2 system.

As far as paying the three new components in the US costs $27,000.00 plus sales tax in some most states.

The older equipment is currently on sale starting at 20% off plus dealers are discounting beyond that so the price is well under retail at moment. I know that the discounts are good because I am trading in my HiCap DR and a couple of other items I am not using towards a new SuperCapDR. For me it is an easy decision in the current environment.

But like I said the original question was about comparing the sound of both systems. The 252/300 based system sounded better to my ears.


take it with a grain of salt.
I’ve very recently been at a demo of 222 though not partnered with a Naim amp and yet to be run in.
My idea is that its voicing is of an atom on dopes, of very exposed and resolving mid/high frequencies ,really , not bad and sign of the times though lower bottom long to be evaluated.
anyway I still do think that classics are an altogether proposition.
But I

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Haha! Suffered should be differed.

Ok. Thank you! I probably didn’t express myself very well or clear since I meant to ask you about the differences in sound quality and if those differences to you were worth the extra outlay if you, hypothetically were to buy these systems at full retail. I was also curious as to how you would explain the differences between the systems regarding the sound quality.

Thinking not really about downgrading but would it be a downgrade? A dealer told me the 222 is simular or over 252 (thank you for your impressios in that question). And 2 boxes vs 5 nearly sound simular good to some ears? That is interesting and again the naim philosophy (272 I loved but it was an exception). I am wondering.

And perhaps there is NO new 300 series. When the 222 is comparable to 252 the next to substitute is 500 range. I am a bit confused
of the new hierarchy to come and afraid of a price drop of the old classic. I sold my SCDR last week after weeks and just got 42 % of the original price. A 09/2019 model. Perhaps it‘s better to change now but I love my current system.

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At home I run a XPS DR > English Electric 8Switch > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > HiCap DR > NAC 282 > NAP 250 DR> NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS currently.

When I heard the NPX 300, NCS 200, NAP 250 (2023) system at the dealer on a set of Stand Mount Speakers, (I believe they were Spendor), I felt that my home system sounded better.

The sound from my home system and the NDX 2, SC DR, NAC 252, NAP 250 in the same dealer demo room sounded better to me. Soundstage, detail, bass.

Neither system ‘suffered’ they both sounded very good. My 71 year old ears preferred the sound from the older gear vs the newer gear. Others have demo’d and choose the new gear. Best to go and listen for yourself.

One other consideration is trading in older system gear is not going to have the value you would expect to pick up new system gear. However if you lean towards last generation gear and can pick up equipment at a much better price level, both used and new as dealers/distributors clear inventory.


Agree the issue of the new 300 series vs depreciation of classic gear at the ‘same’ level is troubling.

I can’t imagine most people currently at the 300 level would be tempted by the new 300 series once you take into account the fact that current 300 gear (including the 252 in that bracket) value will likely fall through the floor. Unless the new stuff approaches 500 level which it simply won’t.


Thank you @seakayaker it’s very kind of you to share your experience and thoughts about the new vs old. I’m hoping to get the opportunity to hear the new gear albeit I don’t have a dealer nearby that has the gear in store. Perhaps in April I’ve heard. But the closest one is still 150km away. Not too bad though. I’m also hoping for some good prices on nac252 and super cap. I used to have a 282/Hicap dr but preferred the 82 when I had both. I really have the upgrade bug right now and even tried some Goldnote pre/power to ease the symptoms of the bug :blush:. As you can see it didn’t help​:sweat_smile:


There absolutely will be a 300 series, with streamer, preamp and power amp. In your shoes I’d sit and wait. The 252/300 is superb and I’d be very very doubtful a 272/250 would equal it. Just wait and see what appears in six months time.


If I already had a 252 based system (as per andiB), I personally would not change to a 200 New classic system… its not as good imho.

If I didn’t, I could be tempted by the 200 New classic system, or even better prob a New classic 300
system…although I think that Naim pricing may be a little too high now.

I think Antz sums up the differences pretty well between 252 system vs 200 Nc system…

It all depends how much dosh one is willing to flush down the HiFi toilet, and what your priorities are…


We took advantage of deflated prices due to range change to build our 252 system. It will give us many years of listening pleasure.

Have absolutely no doubt the 300 series pre (+NPX) and 300DR replacement monos will sound fabulous, but boy the prices are going to sting the wallet.

Our system is fully modular having split streamer, DAC, pre and power into different boxes so we could upgrade 1 box at a time. But the VFM on any upgrade from where we are is going to be tiny.


As always, best to listen for yourself but I have followed the whole New Classic thread & I’d be fairly confident in saying that what you have would sound superior especially with no PS on the NC. The only claims of the NC range performing well above their price point (ie 222 vs 252/SCDR), seem to all be coming from dealers, coincidence?

As for a 300 series, yes most definitely there will be one, its already been hinted at from Naim & the NPX300 is a 300 series component designed to work with other 300 series components that are yet to be released.