NDX2/252/SCDR/300DR TAD ME1s + Naca5

I switched out NACA5 for Tellurium Q Ultra Black. I much prefer it. It sounds like a better version of NACA5, keeping all the speed and prat, but being more open and detailed.


@marka has the same level of system and is happy with running an NDX2 bare.
Have a look at his latest systems video for a full run down. :+1:t2:

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Kudos have a speaker cable - heard it’s good (not tried myself yet)

Hi, thanks @popeye . Just a small note of clarification, my statement in the video wasn’t meant to put anyone off buying an XPSDR or 555DR for their NDX2.

I’m convinced that route of upgrade would definitely yield good results - since adding an external PSU to any of Naim’s gear that supports that kind of upgrade generally does.

Practically speaking I simply don’t have the room in the rack for it and I like the NDX2’s sound as it is.

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I have the same practical limitations, no space for another box, and the wife would think I’d gone mad if I said I needed to buy another … but cables I could perhaps get away with :slight_smile:

Are you able to share a link to the vid? I’ve searched but can’t find it.

Thanks for all of the comments/feedback. It really is interesting to read these views on he subject

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while NACA5 is very good for the money. I find SL considerably superior… at it should be for that kind of money.

Great video, stunning setup, it looks amazing and I can only imagine how nice it must be to spend time in the room listening to music. Thanks @marca for having the idea and making the effort to record this, it has given me some great ideas - thank you

I’ve just changed from NACA5 to Witch Hat Phantom resulting in a significant improvement in SQ.

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I tried a demo pair of SL speaker cables (currently using NAC A5) and as much as I wanted it to work, it didn’t. While detail was a bit better, the overall presentation lost consistency and fluidity. The sound became too forward, complex, aggressive, less engaging and resulting in listening fatigue. I’m now happily back with A5, which sounds really good in my set up.
I’ll probably give Chord a try at some stage (Signature XL).


Hi Carlstone, I agree with JohnF, the Witch Hat Phantom is a worth a try, they have a 30 day no quibble returns policy, so you can’t lose. So far I have found switching to Witch Hat Morgana a significant step up in SQ from standard Naim and Nordost Red Dawn interconnects. On the basis of that I am going to give the Phantom speaker cable a try as well.
Best wishes Amer


in that case demo Titan audio source cables, I have an Eleckra on my NDX, I was very pleasenty suprised at the uplift

also + 1 on the new Kudos speaker cables

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Have you tried the Phantom cables yet Amer? I haven’t progressed, but still thinking about it…

I think the NACA5, witch hat phantom and kudos speaker cable are similar price.

Would love to know the results of a Thorough 3 way Comparison…

Hi Carlstone, they’re on order, but a bit of a back log at WitchHat so haven’t received them. I’m getting them on the ’ 30 day return policy, so nothing to lose’ rational! Will post my findings once I do.
Best wishes

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With a box limit at the current level here’s an experiment for you. Get a loan of a 555ps and a 250 and compare to no ps and your 300.

Is the system on full Fraim or is something else keeping the boxes apart?

that is not what I hear, the SL is much better than NACA5 in all the systems I tried both out…

Good for you ….

My speakers are tough to drive, I don’t think a 250 would drive them satisfactorily, 555PS are also hard to find s/h and too rich new…

I have an Italian tv cabinet that my gear is in/on not a Fraim, hence box count restrictions…

I was looking at this before I posted, are they rhe right speakers?

My 250-2 didn’t even get warm driving these, though they are a little more sensitive.
I presume Fraim is out of the question?