NDX2/282/250.2 Cable Upgrade - Input

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Would love input on upgrading system with power list + power cables. Thinking of going powerlines, however open to alternatives and wide open to suggestions on power list obviously in line w other cables and system. Have epic xl cables and contour 30 speakers.

Thus (ndx2/282/250.2/Hicapdr/napsc)

Power cables?
Power list?
Ethernet cable?

Appreciate all ideas and TLC : )



Powerlines are an obvious choice and can often be found 2nd hand on auction sites. Views differ as to where they have the most impact, traditional thinking would say on the NDX2 but they really do improve the sound.

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What’s a ‘power list’?

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There are lots of forum posts comparing 250.2 to 250DR. Rather than adding cables would you get more joy from a pre-loved 250DR?



I’d suggest saving the cash toward a PS for the NDX2.

As a less mainstream thought, rather then getting Power lines, some of us are happy using a Hydra so that all our Naim boxes use the same plug and are in that sense as close as they can be.

Finally, my own biggest VFM success on cables involved getting a local electrician to make a dedicated radial from my meter to hi-do. Total cost less than one new Powerline. It’s more bother than buying a new box or cable, but I’d expect the effect in many homes to be rather larger.


…where are you located, Europe, USA, elsewhere. responses could be different since some gear is available in some locations and not others.

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