NDX2 aerial(s)

This might be a silly question but…

My NDX2 is wired, connected to the same network as the iPhone, iPad and laptop that operate it. Does it still use or need the wifi aerials? If not, would it be better to remove them? My thinking is, a wifi aerial picks up more wifi signal than no aerial at all so if the NDX2 doesn’t use them, it might make sense to remove them?

Same for the Bluetooth aerial that is never used.


They’re not used when connected via wired Ethernet (the wireless card shuts down) so just remove them. Same for BT if you’re not using that.

Mine are still in the box.

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My WiFi ones are also in the box. Just have the Bluetooth one installed

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Thanks all. Just removed mine too. :+1:t2:

Mine when I put them in to try after some months, noticed the Wi-Fi card was not working, is on warranty now.

Another silly question but are both wifi antennas needed?

I’m guessing one is for 2.4GHz, the other for 5GHz.

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IIRC, they’re both dual band antennas (mine are still in the box). It’s more likely that there are two wi-if antennas to allow for diversity switching or other measures to ensure consistent wireless performance and throughput.

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