Ndx2 airplay

hi everyone,
i want to use airplay for the first time on my ndx2 and it asks me for a password.
does anyone know if there is a default one ?
i can not find anything about it in the manual.
thank you in advance and happy listening !

You need to put your airplay password.

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oh ! i was not aware i have one …
where would i find that ?
thank you so much. best

Check any Apple devices you have eg Apple TV. I couldn’t find any Apple website where it can be reset.

mmhh, seems to be something else.
the only pw is the apple id one, and that is not the correct one.
can it not be the other way round ? the password needed is from the ndx2, to enable airdrop to connect?
best and a good start in the new week.

I found something similar on the blusound forum

Maybe try a factory reset?

For what it’s worth I have a new 272 so I thought I’d try it. I chose the BBC Sounds app on my iPhone 12, touched the Airplay button and a list of devices came up, one of which was the NDX2. I chose that and the music started playing instantly. No password required, so I’ve no idea what’s happening in your case. I’ve used Airplay on the Qbs in the past with no password either, so I suspect it’s a red herring.

if you are on iOS 14 it could be one of the privacy improvements - I see some strange things happening since I upgared to 14…

I’ve just tried Airplay from the BBC Sounds app on my IOS 14.2 IPad to my ND555, I wasn’t prompted for a password.

I think i have the solution:
Using the naim app, find out the ip address for your ndx2. (In ‘about’)
Using a computer, enter that ip address into a browser
click on network

Remove the airplay password


great !!!
thank you so much. it is playing fine and clear now :slight_smile:
the ip adress and password change in the browser worked. perfect !
thank you very much and best wishes.

everyone, please stay healthy and enjoy the music !

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