NDX2 album track navigation

Some strange behaviour recently with NDX2. When playing albums from rips stored locally on the Unitiserve, if I press the “next track” on the iOS app, it doesn’t select the next track of the album, but plays a random track from the album instead. Curiously, I get the same behaviour when using the NDX 2 remote. Press the > button and it might jump ahead 3 or 4 tracks, or might even go backwards !

Not the end of the world, but quite irritating for £5k worth of streamer.

I’ll report it to NAIM, but thought I would post my experience here just in case others have similar experience.

I haven’t yet tried rebooting the NDX2, having got tired of doing so to clear the screen freeze issue which has been well documented in other threads.


You don’t have random play selected do you.

As Orac says, check on the app you don’t have the shuffle option selected. It’s the crossed lines in the left below 03.27.

Orac and Eoink,
Thanks so much, you are absolutely right, had inadvertently set shuffle play !

Feeling a bit of a fool now, but having said that it’s not a very intuitive or prominent symbol, easy to switch on or off by mistake.

Cheers, Paul

It’s an easy mistake to make! In my view the screen is not well laid out. There’s plenty of empty space that could be used to make the main controls easier to use.

Sorry Paul, I missed your reply. You’ll never guess how I recognised the symptoms :slight_smile:, but it might have something to do with spending an hour listening to random tracks from an album and swearing loudly. I suspect it’s happened to a good number of the posters here.

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