NDX2 and Naim APP shuffle play

Hi, all.

As I think some of you know, I’m evaluating the update from my Cyrus Xa to the NDX2…

Does the NDX2 have the shuffle in the playlist option…? And, beyond a playlist, even for the whole library…?

I would very much appreciate the clarification; for me it’s a very important issue because I work most of the time from home, in the same room where the main system is, and at medium-low volume there’s no problem with different recording levels, and feeded from the NAS SQ is long better than that of the stations radio in compressed formats.

Thank you in advance and greetings.

The only limitation is the 500 track limit (although that should give you over 24 hours of listening, so you could argue that you’d be working a pretty weird shift pattern if it wasn’t enough!) and the new streamers do not have a workaround for this that I’m aware of. If you intend to use Roon, that would probably sort it.

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Thank you for your kind response; as always, attentive and conciliatory, and with a real encouragement and motivation to help and contribute, :wink:

Abusing perhaps your kindness, then what if a playlist has more than 500 tracks…?, does it work so that the APP cuts directly on the 500 track, or just doesn’t work…?

Actually, the problem is not so much marathon work sessions, that sometimes also :crazy_face:, but, above all, boredom; normally, I think that here I do like almost everyone, in the playlists I usually throw the tracks that I like, those of my predilection, but the limit of 500, IMHO, leads to boredom in a couple of weeks at most, and, of course, when you have a very large music library, the option of continuously creating playlist limited to 500 tracks to vary, the truth, I feel a little ilike at this point… And the thing about going with Roon, other APPs mounted on the server and etc., with what I like simplicity, and increasingly, ufff…

Greetings, ChrisSU.

Hi, if you try to queue up a longer playlist it will still play the first 500 tracks.
If you store your music on a NAS, the server it runs can store playlists, which the Naim app can view. You can start play from the first track, or track 501, or anywhere else, and you can choose to play them in random order if you prefer.

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Hi, Chris; and thanks again.

So, If I understand, the Naim App can see all the tracks on one NAS stored playlist regardless of whether it can only manage 500 of them, right?

Curious, because the Marantz SR6012, which I enjoy on another system in another location, is limited to, if I remember correctly, the first 300 tracks of each playlist; but you can only see and manage those top 300. However, quite agile and effective, and in bulk, you can take the tracks you want from the library and throw them to an immediate playlist (which is only temporarily left in the device’s RAM), but also limited to 300.

Apart from playlists, can Naim app play an entire folder, with all the subfolders it contains, or it’s like Pro-Ject, which only allows you to play trailing subfolders, which host the tracks of each record CD…?

Thank you in advance and a greeting.

My mind may be playing tricks, but did I read that the shuffle selects the same 500 tracks each time (assuming library unchanged) rather than completely randomly?

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Asset Media Server has a Jukebox option that may do what you wish.

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It always plays the first track in your list before selecting them at random. Beyond that, I can’t remember off hand. In the app, if you choose a different track, and select ‘Play from this track’ at least the first track will be different!

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Hi all out there.

Finally the SN3 and NDX2 just arrived yesterday; this morning we were able to install them, and a while ago the NDX2 completely configured.

Right now starting to ring; very good sound aut of the box, but new integrated, new streamer and new cable (Signature Tuned Aray DIN-DIN), it misses a good settlement and, I hope not too long, run in.

I managed to start with some long Play List that I had configured on the NAS and the NDX2 has recognized without problems, also in random mode.

Everything’s perfect at the moment.

As soon as the system is settling and ran in, I’ll upload photos, comparison with SN2 and comments…

Greetings to the forum.


Thanks, @ChrisSU.

I’m already doing it, although the sound is good it still lacks a lot of nuance at the moment, and running in back ground mode.

Your contributions have been a great help in maturing my decisions with this system, and I think in the end I have been fully correct, at least I am very satisfied, with the feeling of a money well invested. I appreciate it for more.


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