NDX2- Applemusic - via USB

I use it for screen mirroring.

Then usb to spdif converter? In the OP case

Just for the record, I have no idea what a spdif is. I mean…if someone said “buy this”…that I can do.

Hi, @Alley_Cat .

Meridian Explorer 1 USB>Optical works well for me. Discontinued. Used, or similar options should be OK.

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Ah…I’ve never used the / in the search…

This will work fine into a USB DAC, but not into a Naim streamer. You would still need a USB to SPDIF converter for that.


The nuances were lost one me too.

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So from the phone to the -lightening to camera adapter- then into that the usb to s/pdif, correct? And that has RCA ends that go into the Naim…digital RCA inputs? I say RCA because I don’t want to also say I have no idea what toslink is either…oops…

There are 2 types of SPDIF. Electrical, which uses a coaxial cable with either RCA or BNC connectors. Then there’s optical, aka Toslink. Either would work fine, although with Naim gear I would use coax if the converter allows it.

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Probably best to stick to optical or co-axial digital inputs.

I’d always associated Toslink with optical and made the error of thinking SPDIF was the co-axial option when S/PDIF is the protocol not the connection. Shows how much I embraced digital audio in the past I suppose… :scream_cat:

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The OP wants to connect the IPhone/ IPad with the Ndx2 digital out. The Ndx2 has spdif, no usb.

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Ahhhhhhhh. What is the best connection? Toslink?

Either will be fine, but in Naim systems coax electrical is generally best. Use BNC connectors where available.

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I get Apple Music included with my mobile phone contract and use it to listen when I’m out and about (AirPods) / in my office (HomePod). As I do this, I add tracks and artists to my Apple Music library and it learns my preferences. When I am at home and fancy listening “properly” it’s great to be able to stream some of that in hi-res without looking for things again on another service or paying more. Not that strange really?

I use an Apple Camera Kit and Douk Audio U2 - it sounds reasonable.

Check the lindy link above -if you choose co-axial you need a dedicated 75 Ohm co-axial cable.

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Not sure I fully grasp the solution. (knowledge gap i guess)
NDX has an s/pdif and a toslink. How to i get from usb-c to Toslink (i prefer toslink as it also handles 24/192.
This might do the trick?- > link to : USB to toslink

A USB to SPDIF converter is what you need. Toslink only reliably supports up to 24/96, whereas coax will do 24/192.

The limitation here isn’t S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital InterFace, the transport protocol, supporting either optical or electrical transport) or indeed the optical cable (plastic or glass/quartz based), in both cases, if the transmitter and receiver and cable quality are sufficient then 24/192 is possible.
In the case of the NDX 2, the TOSLINK (TOShibaLINK, the name for the physical connector) based optical digital inputs are specified as capable up to 24/96, so regardless of the capabilities of the transmitter and cable, would only accept and process an incoming signal up to 24/96.
In those cases where a 24/192 source file was played, the iOS device would likely just select a lower quality version supported by the SPDIF transmitter and receiver at up to 24/96.
I’ve not tested any USB to SPDIF bridge devices using an IOS source device, but it would be worth checking that iOS supports that device, just because you can connect it over USB to the iOS device, doesn’t mean that it will recognise it and send data to it, it would need a low level driver and data bus capability in order for the audio to pass end to end and make the speakers move one would imagine.
If 24/192 is mandatory then an RCA or BNC electrical connection (USB to BNC or RCA) and suitable 75 Ohm coaxial digital interconnect cable would be required.

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Topping D10s might be worth a look, not tried it myself, but doing some reading on options this might work with an iOS device and using its S/PDIF output in to the NDX 2. Appears to be capable of handling up to 24/192 as well. Has Toslink optical and RCA coaxial S/PDIF outputs. You need a suitable cable between it and the iOS device to enable you to power the iOS device and the Topping D10s in parallel.