NDX2 as transport

I wonder which part of the NDX2 is better: the DAC or the transport? I am currently planning on upgrading my NDX2/XPS DR with a Aavik D-280 DAC. Will the NDX2 as a transport only device still benefit from the XPS DR? Basic idea is to get rid of the XPS DR but if I cannot sell it for a good price, I may keep it for a while. Any thoughts?

As a transport with an XPS, it is 10K for a little computer whose only purpose is to download small-ish files from the internet


Sure, but will the transport side of the NDX2 benefit from the XPS DR? The initial idea was to trade the NDX for an Aavik streamer (as a transport) which is also 10K. I guess the DAC part will have a greater influence on the sound than the transport part.

My PC and phone can download files just fine without an XPS

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I used to have a NDX/XPS (pre DR). When I moved to using the NDX as just a transport, I found the XPS to make little, if no, difference to the digital output.

I now use an NDX2 as just a transport. I’d suggest you try your NDX2 ‘bare’ vs XPS yourself to see whether you think the XPS is worth keeping when using the NDX2 digital output.

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No, it will not … You can quite happily live with a bare NDX2 feeding a D280 (as I did for a number of weeks/months) but you do owe it to yourself to listen to the S280 with the D280/I280 … really quite magical.

Three boxes … a digital cable, a set of RCA cables and a pair of speaker cables … done…

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That‘s exactly the plan, but I cannot afford this setup in one step. So the basic idea is to sell the XPS first to fund the D-280, afterwards trade in the NDX2 for an S-280. Since I already have a full loom of Ansuz cables there will also be synergies. I am hoping to get a system on NDS level without the box count and the hum.

Excellent … My original idea (plan) which you may want to consider was to sell the NDX2/XPS and just buy the S280 whilst trousering the difference … if, after some time, you feel the system needs something else then by all means demo the D280 …

My plan fell apart when I became aware of a brand new D280 being sold at a 35% discount … couldn’t resist such a deal. Either way you end up in the same place.

Good luck.

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Have a D280 to check out at my home. There is an uplift in sound quality but not to the extend that I would trade in my NDX2 and XPS DR for an S280 and D280 plus more than 10k plus cables. So I think I am going the 555PS route. Hard to tell if a 555 is a significant update on the NDX2, but I guess it be on par with the D280. Hard to decide, but at this level it is more a question of taste than a question of quality.

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555PS DR in place. Upgrade level: significant :sunglasses:

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I should think so for near on £8.5K. Enjoy.


Correct. These upgrades do need financial context.

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