NDX2 Bluetooth receiver pairing but no sound output

Struggling for some time now with the following:

I mainly use my Qobuz service via Roon and that works fine. However the Qobuz app offers more playlists than visible in Roon. Trying to play directly from the Qobuz android app does simply not work via bluetooth although my phone is paired with NDX2. I try sharing via bluetooth, no sound.

It turns out my android phones both pair successfully but no sound output. I play NDX2 with NAC252 which works otherwise fine.

The NDX2 software is up- to-date.

Any clues ? Thank you for reading and apologies if this is a silly beginners issue…

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Can’t help with connection issues but is bluetooth your only option?
You’re paying for Qobuz quality but happy to use a substandard protocol for connection?

You should be able to use chromecast from your qobuz app to your streamer.

Good point but not aware of an alternative available from the Android Qobuz app. Am I missing something ? As I said connection from ROON is superb but seems to miss bits of whatvis visible in Qobuz.

Just go with chromecast.
You will have slight limitations on some hi res tracks but CD quality is achievable.

If you really want to use the Qobuz app you should get better results with Chromecast than Bluetooth, but either should work.

For best sound quality you are generally better off using the Naim app, or possibly Roon. If you can’t see any of the Qobuz playlists there, save them in the Qobuz app. They will then be visible in both Naim and Roon apps.

Thank you, saving playlists is helpful.

However, although chromecast appears enabled in naim app and on phone the NDX2 is not found. No chromecast icon is found in the Qobuz app either.

So no idea how to connect to my NDX2 via chromecast either.

For Bluetooth to work, I think you need the volume turned up on your phone

It is on full blast. That is not the issue.

Qobuz has serious connectivity issues and needs other apps to get the sound out.

Naim seems to come a close second in this regard.

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