NDX2 broadcasting SSID

Yesterday I was doing some wireless signal strength check in my apartment, when I noticed that my NDX2 was appearing as an access point, broadcasting its own SSID as “NDX2 + serial number”.
NDX2 was in stand-by, with no activity running on it (at least apparently…).
I switched it on, then in stand-by again, and the SSID disappeared.

Is this behaviour correct? What is its purpose?

In Network Standby mode it remains discoverable, thus the name. The main PSU, streamer and DAC shut down and a very low power SMPS takes over so that the app or remote can wake it up.
If you put it in Deep Sleep (long press of the power button) it will not be discoverable. Is this what you did that caused the SSID to disappear?

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I made some tests and i guess you are right.
I wasn’t aware of this two modes of “stand-by”, so I randomly fell in one of them each time I wanted to “switch off” the unit. From now on I’ll take care of how long I press the power button…

Many thanks for your useful help!

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