NDX2 can’t see Networked Music Library

I have NDX2 wired via a network switch to my router.
I have a PC running Windows Home Server (2011) wired direct to the router.

The server has a folder containing all my music files … mostly ripped in FLAC.

NDX2 can see the server (it has correctly populated the name in the App). Selecting it from the Home Screen in the App gives me the ‘spinning thing’ but doesn’t manage to find any files…

Anything I need to do to this folder to make the files visible?

Have I got this completely wrong… maybe the NDX2 can’t play files direct from a networked folder?

Do I need a uPnP server running?

Is there a problem in my network connection methodology? Should both NDX2 and Server be connected to the router, for example…

If the folder on the server has User permissions attached to it… how do I specify these in the NDX2 setup?

Any pointers very gratefully received…

The best thing to do would be to install Asset from dBpoweramp on your Windows PC, assuming you do not have a NAS.

It can’t and you do. As Guinnless wrote, try Asset. The Windows built-in UPnP server is crap.

Brilliant … thank you both … will try Asset now

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The benefit of a UPnP server like AssetUPnP is that it provides a “browse tree” to search the metadata of the music in your files/folders. In Asset it can be customised although the default will be fine to start. If you have a large number of albums it may take a while to populate Asset. Brilliant piece of software.
Both the NDX2 and Windows Server should be connected to the router either directly or using a switch/hub.

Thanks Paul_C … I installed Asset and so far working very well. Thanks for the advice …


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