NDX2 Channel Loss

Hi, just been using my NDX2 which up to now has been working fine. However an hour ago after pausing a while, on restart I had no output through the din connection although app and streamer graphic display all worked fine. Tried another input and all ok with amps. Tried powering down but didn’t come back. I went for a full hard reset and this works streamer is now back working properly audio output restored. The NDX 2 has the latest firmware.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


Like a computer, it probably just got its knickers in a twist and a reboot sorted it out.

Yes, I had a similar issue after I upgraded to 3.5.1. I muted my NDX2 into a SN3. When I went to restart and unmute, I lost all audio output from the NDX2. It required a ‘hard’ (two-button) power on reset to resolve the issue. All has been good since.

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