NDX2 - Display question?

Cannot find any reference to this in instruction manual or on forum.
I have this showing with a couple of albums (so far).
One of them was downloaded from Qobuz and the JPEG is called by the album name, which I thought may be the issue (the long name)
I have changed the JPEG name to ‘Folder’ and re-scanned - same result. ?!

Any idea what the problem may be please?

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It may be that the image is too large. It should be 1200x1200 pixels or a bit less, but not more.

Thank you - will try that !

@davidhendon - Thank you for your tip
I previously had an NDX where the photo file size did not matter, as no display, but they worked fine on my tablet.
I have photographed quite a few of my album covers myself, as ones from internet are not always ‘great’? Some of the files are quite a bit larger than 1200x1200, so looks like I will have a bit of work to do !
At least I now know what the issue was, so thank you again !


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