NDX2 display “Stuck”

Well, this is weird! The display on NDX2 is stuck on an album cover that I played off Qobuz from 2 nights ago. The display responds when I change to radio or another input, but as soon as music is playing from any source it goes back to the same album cover? Any ideas?? :man_shrugging:

To add: even when selecting an input that has nothing attached to it, the display returns to saying that is the album that is playing. I’m being haunted by Peter White!

This is a known problem Naim are working on a fix.

A power down should resolve the issue.

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Repair 101, turn it off, make a cup of tea, turn it on again. You don’t actually need that long, but it is always good to have a cup of tea while the radiogram is warming up.:+1:


Done and sorted thanks… Was still a very weird experience this morning… :slightly_smiling_face:

What firmware are you running, just check it’s the latest.

Done, and saying it is up to date.

Yes it might say that but check it’s the latest firmware version number.

Can you point me at where I find out what the latest version number is? Thanks…

Edit: I’ve searched the Naim customer support and streaming products support and can’t find NDX2 firmware mentioned. Just use the app and see if an update ia available?

On the app go into settings and you will see check for updates tap on this and it will tell you if any updates are available.

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Done… Trying to answer @popeye 's point about checking whether its the latest firmware version from above…

3.5.1 (4972)

Yup… That’s the one I’ve got.

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