Ndx2 drop-outs

One of the reasons I bought ndx-2 was it was a simple solution To digital streaming. I thought it was a fully evolved medium. I basically use it as a jukebox and finding new music, but it drops out very often, It is hardwired to the router .I use Roon and quobuz and some tidal on a Mac airbook and the controller in the room is an iPad. Is this normal, or what can be done?

What happens with local storage? Remember you are completely reliant on the internet for streaming from qobuz etc and there are so many hops to get to you each of which being a potential point of failure. It’s not the ndx2 that can be at fault, roon is trying to buffer etc the file to deliver it via raat across your network but only if it can get the file.

I have my NDX 2 connected to a EE8 switch, that is connected to a Cisco 2960 switch, and that is connected to the router. Random drop outs have occurred but they are very infrequent. If you are not using a switch I would recommend giving one a try.

Literally, I was just reading this and my NDX2 dropped a Core stream, Roon crashed and everything froze! Anyway, if you can describe the drop outs a bit more, we can try to help. Most often, these are local network issues.

One minute a song is playing, then it stops, occasionally it will pick up further into the song, but often the next song will begin to play after some silent time.

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Do you have the same issue when streaming just using the Naim app with the Tidal and Qobuz accounts activated, or is this happening when using Roon to control the stream? This will isolate whether the issue is with Roon, it’s possible it’s not getting enough memory to operate efficiently. Using the Naim app will bypass that.

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I assume this is acting as the Roon Core.

Is it hardwired to the Router or are you using Wi-Fi ?

If it’s via Wi-Fi then the issue may lay here.

I use a MacBook as Roon Core, and generally find it to be reliable over WiFi but with Roon the signal is going into the Mac, then back out to your router. Try it with a wired Ethernet connection and that would eliminate any issues with your wireless network.

I’m not clear from your original explanation when the dropouts occur. Are they when you use

  1. Roon
  2. Quobuz via Room
  3. Quobuz directly via the NDX2
  4. tidal via Roon
  5. tidal directly via the NDX2
  6. From the your Mac airbook
  7. Also how about playing HD Radio stations from the NDX2

Or all of the above, or some combination?


This is not normal.
My NDX2 doesn’t drop out at all.
Well, to be honest, I think it might have dropped out once after a power failure when I needed to restart the router, then the NDX2.
It shouldn’t drop out during playback.

You can isolate the problem the following way:

  1. You mentioned that you the NDX2 is hard wired therefore we can rule out WiFi issues when using the NDX2 with the Naim App only.

  2. Try using the Naim App via your iPad (not using Roon) and see if you still get dropouts. If yes, the your wired network is unreliable. Problem solved…

If no dropouts then the wired network is good. Move to step 3.

  1. Is your MacBook is connected to the network via WiFi. If yes, your WiFi connection may be unreliable. Problem solved…. If no (wired network connection) then the MacBook is probably running into resource issues running roon. There are several ways to see what’s happening on the MacBook. You could start by running the Activity Monitor on the MacBook to identify what applications are using up Memory, Network and CPU resources.

Agree with the room that this is most probably not an issue with the NDX2.

I’m using Roon with my Star with a dedicated Windows 10 laptop and not a dropout, ever, really.

As said above wire the laptop into the same router and see how it goes. Roon’s docs recommends that the Roon core is wire in with Ethernet cable. Also, make sure you are using at least CAT5e Ethernet patch cables. Yeah CAT5 should work but give it some room.

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