Ndx2 eu 220v to usa 120v?

Greetings Naim community.

My question is concerning purchasing an NDX2 Streamer from the EU (Germany), and using it here in the US.

The dealer said it’s 220v. To use it in the states do I need to just swap the power cable and plug, or does it require surgery?

The outlet is a standard 110v, but I do have a SN3 and the rest of my system currently using that same outlet.

I’ve read the other threads on a similar predicament, but wasn’t sure what the definitive conclusion was.

The unit will need to go to a Naim distributor or the Naim factory to be converted from 230V 50Hz to 115V 60Hz.

If you contact your dealer in Germany they should be able to arrange this for you before you leave for the US, or else you can have this done by the US distributor when you arrive.

Note that if it’a grey import, the distributor in the US may not wish to deal with it, in which case it’s best to have it converted at the factory before arrival in the US.

Yeah it’s a used NDX2 from Germany. I’m not moving from there, I’m a US resident/citizen.

We have a Naim dealer nearby and a few in NYC, I could ask them I suppose.

Seems like it’d be a headache to convert it.

IIRC it’s a rewiring job, with different fuse and relabelling and new mains lead. It’s a performance and safety issue so not something to be done lightly.

Yeah, although it’s a good deal, I don’t feel comfortable having to re-wire or having a dealer open it up to make the switch.

Just get a 220v to 110v converter of suitable rating and have that sit between the NDX and the wall socket. I used something similar when I brought some electronics with me from Canada (110v) to Saudi Arabia (230v)

I would suggest that this is possibly quite a bad idea, and almost certainly a lot more expensive than getting your official Naim service agent to do a proper conversion.

Buy a 120 volt XPS 2 Dr and power it from that

Yes, as has been stated, you could use a voltage step-down converter/transformer, but I suppose if it were me I’d have it done as has been suggested by a proper distributor. AV Options here in the states performs this as part of their services. They’re outstanding. It wouldn’t cost a ton, either.

I would avoid a step up transformer at all costs as it will have a deleterious effect on performance.

Such transformers should not cost more than $100

Can you please elaborate Richard as to why that is? The transformer only changes the voltage and I believe does nothing else to the electrical current.

Having lived back and forth over many years in both the US and the UK, I have used these a bit in the past and they are not ideal and in my experience definitely impacted on the performance of hifi kit. Quite apart from that, move something around and it’s easy to suddenly forget to use the transformer and then the kit is toast. Best avoided.


My conclusion is that the risk is most certainly not worth it. Case closed!

Well, ultimately price plays into this. If it was a nice/favorable price, I would seriously consider having it sent to AVOptions and have them perform a voltage conversion. It’s listed on their servicing sheet. It may very well be worth it, as it’s anywhere between $195-$295USD. Pretty cheap as far as I’m concerned, and they’re authorized everything Naim in the US.

What risk are you so worried about?

After all the shipping and conversion, let’s say from AV Options or a distributor, it’ll be around $5200 for the used NDX 2 from the EU.

The biggest concern is going through all that trouble and risk with the back and forth, is it worth it to save a few bucks for such a high price item?

I’d rather pay the extra money to get a new one in that scenario, versus all the hassle and no warranty. The other option would be to wait around for a used NDX 2 here in the states.

I see your point, now knowing what the price is. I’d wait in out in that case. Looking at the most recent used prices, you’d likely find one in the states for around or even under that. I suppose that is what I would do. Just keep an eye out and good luck!

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If it was a killer deal from a reputable dealer, I’d consider the AV Options service for sure.

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I looked into this issue some years ago and was told that the actual inside-the-case work is VERY simple. That said, yes, the cost of shipping is not insignificant and those doing the work are entitled to make their money despite it being a “simple” operation.

Even if you got it converted before it left Germany, you still have the issue of buying from a far-away dealer and not having local support.

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