NDX2 Interconnect upgrade

Hi All
Im a recent convert to the Brand and am looking for recommendations to upgrade the 5pin interconnect between NDX2 > SN3… what are your opinions on the stock Naim wire? What have you upgraded to? How much do you need to spend to see a noticeable uplift in performance?
Thanks for your input and valued opions :smile:


Welcome and I don’t know, the cables nerds will be along shortly !

Thanks and bring on the cable nerds! I’ve always favoured Chord speaker cables and interconnects but I’m interested in hearing what others find work well with Naim :raised_hands:t2:

We have an nd5xs2 into an 82 (totally serviced and up to date) it sounds so balanced with the supplied cable I’m reluctant to meddle with it TBH

I’m in the same boat. My NDX2 and cable is still running in so hard to judge anything right now.

I use Tellurium Q Black. Tamed what I percieved to be an ever so slight hissy quality to some vocals. May have just been a running in issue but Ive never swapped it out since. It sounds wonderful to my ears.

Anyone tried Chord Shawline din/din and note any improvement?

Not on my NDX2. But I use it on my LP12 between the Urika phono stage and my NAC282, to great effect.

The Naim cable is the same as used in Chord Chrysalis until Naim bought up all the remaining stock, Chord’s subsequent Crimson was a step backwards, I’ve only tried the Shawline and Fairway as digital cables and found them wanting.
Look to a Hiline if you must but the stock cable isn’t an afterthought. I’d take one over a pre Aray Sarum, I’ve not tried the later version.
At least give it a couple of months before experimenting.

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I ended up with a second hand Superlumina when I went to get a new Hiline. It made quite a significant improvement in my system - more expansive soundstage and lower noise floor and very natural. But I do have the XPS DR power supply as well.


Am drawn to a Superlum or a Hiline like a moth to a flame but the cost, oh the cost! :weary:
I’m already running an XPS and common sense suggests not making too many changes at once but the urge to upgrade is strong and the signal path from source to power seems an obvious starting place…

I hear yah! But, adding the SL was as good as adding the XPS DR unfortunately. Can you get a used one?

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Really! Aggggggh

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I also own an NDX2 and SN3. Replaced the standard cable with Witch Hat Morgana interconnect. Huge improvement at reasonable cost. If you search you will find several on this site who have gone down the same route.
They also have a thirty day return policy if you don’t like them.


Thank you John

How would you rate a HiLine Vs v a Morgana? Used HiLine about the same cost as a new Morgana…

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I replaced the standard cable not the Hiline. Others on this site who have said they preferred the Morgana.

HiLine is great match. Used one with a ND5 XS2 & SN2 and it is excellent. If you look for a pre-loved one you should be able to pick one up for about half price.

Naim will also repair 2nd hand ones if the plugs are damaged provided there isn’t any signs of obvious cable deliberate abuse. I contacted Naim directly about this when I bought one. Very reassuring!


HiLine amazing improvement, Super Lumina adds a touch of realism. You wouldn’t go back.

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I borrowed my dealers SL to try between NDX and 282, and it did nothing for me. Get a demo of any cables you can, and decide for youself, other people’s findings vary wildly so they don’t always give you a clear idea of which way to go.