NDX2 - issues with Internet radio

Hi all,

I am using an NDX2 and very happy with it. Yet listening to internet radio via the NDX2 never worked really well:

  • When I use the Naim app, I can easily find a radio station I like and start the stream. However after some time (typically 10-15 minutes) the stream just stops. I need to restart it in the app. This is not just with one specific station, but happens with others as well. The stations I use, all stream somewhere between 192 and 320kbs

  • When I use Roon (RoonRock on a NUC), I can browse/search for any station, but none (!) of them starts streaming when I hit play

My network is fully wired

Anybody else with this experience?


Nope don’t have any such issues. I assume you have no issues streaming Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Amazon Prime, Tidal or Qobuz? Underneath the covers these are similar methods to to web radio…

The fact you can’t play via your Roon solution either is curious and tends to suggest it’s not to do with your NDX2. Can you play your web radio via Roon into other end points such as AirPlay end points?

Also you haven’t got some sort of weird mashup on your home network with double NATing of other such setup I assume?

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Same here - NDX2 with Roon. Plays radio fine with no drop outs. Listen to Radio Paradise on multiple devices in the house, my regular thing is make dinner in the kitchen and switch to living/dining room to eat it. RP on the Nova in the kitchen and then NDX2 in the other room, switches back and forth no problem.

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