NDX2 Left Channel dead - DIN only

Hi there.

Playing some music this evening and noticed the left channel completely dead when listening to my NDX2. Earlier in the day it had been working perfectly.

I did some troubleshooting and changed out the din cable (I was using witch hat morgana), swapped sources to check my preamp wasn’t at fault, switched the ndx to “rca out” and swapped in an old QED DIN to RCA cable which produced stereo again, seemingly confirming the problem lies in the NDX2 DIN output.

Old forum threads seem to point to a relay issue with there being a problem with a certain supplier.

Before starting the tedious process of getting my streamer back to my dealer for repair I just wanted to check in with the minds of the forum to see if there are any other things to do first.

Any ideas that might avoid a time consuming journey and long wait for repair?

Apart from doing a full power down of the NDX2, you’ve done some good troubleshooting to narrow down the issue to the NDX2 DIN output.

I would also, when the NDX2 is powered down, put the link plug in just to ensure it’s not an issue with your power supply.

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Hi James.

Thanks for your advice. I have done as you suggest and powered down, replaced the plug and removed the power supply. Unfortunately no resolution.

I have also just done a factory reset but no luck there either.

The sound is definitely not as good with my old cable compared with the sound I am used to but hey, it’s better coming out of two speakers than just the one!!

We are having a party on Friday so the timing was “suboptimal”.

I feel a slightly soul destroying dealer experience is coming in my near future.

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Yes, at least you have two channels still via the RCA outputs so all is not lost. It does sound like the relay issue, so hopefully it’ll be a nice quick fix🤞

Yes, I had similar recently and ran the same checks. Indeed a faulty relay on the NDX2 DIN was the culprit.

Re ‘dealer experience’
I sent my Supernait for service.
The dealer checked with Naim first and then told me to get it to them by 20 July
26 August it was back in the rack.

Unfortunately servicing in Australia isn’t usually as speedy or straightforward. Especially now the experienced, NZ-based service engineer has been “taken out”.
An additional complication is that I bought from a dealer in Sydney and I live in Melbourne so unless I can interest a local dealer (possible as I got a new 250DR locally recently) I may need to ship the unit to Sydney first.

Sounds like I may need to get Xmas out of the way first…

Any (good) Naim dealer should be willing to help you with this - no matter where the particular unit was purchased… :thinking:

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Ahh ! sorry, I did not realise you were ‘down under’.
I am interested how you do get this fixed, so keep posting

As it happens we are visiting Aus next year in Oct & Nov, family in Adelaide, up to the Goldcoast for sun & surf, then a top to bottom road trip around NZ.

Will do. I’m going to contact my local dealer tomorrow and see what’s what.

Your trip sounds excellent. We recently took the family to Gold Coast. Our first time up there but it was excellent.

My boys wanted the theme parks. Drinks by the pool more my style. Everyone got what they wanted.

Particularly enjoyed the slingshot in surfers paradise although I did think I was going to die whilst on it.

The AU Naim distributor Busisoft is also Melbourne based so chat to them as well.

Thanks. My dealer passed me to busisoft who have led me to their local service agent. Still waiting to hear back from them.

Could it be a problem with the lead? Can you check it on a different source? (ignore me if you’ve done that and I’ve missed it.)

Tis appalling the there is no Naim factory trained technician at Busisoft. Very poor that they can be a “distributor” without that expertise.

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That’s a good idea Matthew. I can’t check with a different din enabled source (don’t have one) but I did swap out the witch hat cable for my original lavender interconnect and the problem persisted so I am confident it is the DIN output.

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Not uncommon (at least here in the US). Naim has a great service center/distributor in Canada (which serves the US) but may other so-called distributors of high end audio gear can do little more than swap out boards/drives/drivers if there’s a problem.

Not having much joy here. My dealer (not involved in the originakl sale) sent me on to the local distributor who sent me on to the local service agent who wants 150 bucks just to look at it and everyone says it cant be done on warranty as that is outside of the (laughably) short warranty period in Australia of 2 years.

2 years and 3 months is my unit’s age.
I know for a fact, from previous experience, that Chris Murphy would have fixed this without a fuss.
The much more reasonable 5 year UK warranty woudl have this covered too.

The lack of reasonable and reliable after sales service leaves me unlikley to extend my Naim purchasing any further I would say. Pretty unhappy.

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If it was me I would get it fixed and move it on if you are unhappy! Put your experience into a detailed letter and forward to NAIM in England. Complaints in the Forum don’t make it to FOCAL/NAIM management and that is where you should direct your frustrations.

Best of luck in getting the problem sorted and hopefully without spending a lot of money.

Or - try an email directly to Naim - support@naimaudio.com and/or - marketing@naimaudio.com

@Richard.Dane - ?