NDX2 NAC282 and Airplay 2 - volume from Apple Music (not automation)

Hello - this is a simple question and I suspect I know the answer but I wanted to ask it to stop searching the internet and not finding what I need.

I have connected my NDX2 to the 282 for automation - amazing I can now control the volume from the Naim app. Bonus.

However, I am using Apple Music with airplay 2 to connect to my Atom and NDX2. I can control the volume from the app for the Atom but not the NDX2. Is this correct?

If it is I am guessing it’s to do with quality?

Anyway, any answers appreciated.



That is expected behaviour - third party apps can access the digitally controlled volume in the Unitis, but not the analogue volume pot in a Naim preamp.

What about NAC272?

The volume control in the 272 is the same digitally controlled analogue pot that is used in the Superuniti, and it works very well, but none of these older streamers support Airplay.

I think with a NDX2 it would work, but you may need to select the variable volume control setting through the Naim app first.

AH ha - where is that?

In the Naim app, turn off system automation and then turn on variable volume control. You will need to set the volume on the 282 to a set level and then use the NDX2 remote or the Naim or Apple apps to control the volume, like you can on the Unitis. The NDX2 will then behave exactly like the Atom.

Yes, you can use the NDX2 digital volume control if you prefer it for convenience when using Airplay. You can also use Apple’s multiroom with Airplay. There is likely to be a price to play in terms of sound quality, though. With the first generation streamers, Naim resisted the temptation to gain Airplay certification from Apple, as you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it, and sound quality is not really on Apple’s radar. With the new streamers, I guess they have caved in to popular pressure, and provided Airplay support, but with the option to disable it for best sound quaity.

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