NDX2 - no output again after muting!

In the process of yet another factory hard reset trying to restore output on my NDX2! If 3.5.2 does not resolve these issues, I am done with Naim.

Frustrated beyond belief. Listening to music is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.


Yep. I love the sound. But some of this silliness is a not wanted distraction.

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I would talk to your dealer or to Naim tech support as this may be a hardware issue, maybe a sticky relay. It could well be worthwhile, just in case.

It seems a little weird that it’s mainly NDX 2 getting all of the stick.

I’m still waiting for this firmware promised to us by Naim.

I had this mute experience (in combination with screeen freeze) for the first time ever thursday evening - when back from work. I tried hard power down without success. After performing factory reset, I finaly got things going again with my NDX2. Scaring compare to (only) screen freeze (several of those even with latest firmware).

Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you had the same ‘muting’ experience, but misery loves company. Since I’m not the only one, I have a bit more confidence that a firmware update will eventually resolve this issue.

My ndx2 decided to turn its variable volume down following one of its random reboots. Confused me for 10 minutes trying to work out why things were quiet. Turned off variable volume after that episode.

Don’t give up yet. Have you considered that the source may have changed whilst muted? Its happened to me once. Look at your program automation. NDX is a great machine really once you have got it set up with attached devices. A good dealer will help you with automation if you are not sure.

I am sure this will be resolved eventually.
Hopefully the muting thing was related to software. Any sound yet MartyK?

Yes. Thanks, my NDX2 required a factory reset to restore the sound. All working (again).

It is not an automation issue or a changed source on NDX2 or SN3. The issue started after I upgraded to 3.5.1. My SN3 works fine otherwise with other sources (phono, CD , etc). The issue seems to happen when I ‘mute’ the NDX2 via the Naim app on my iPhone. It will loose all output. The NDX2 seems to operate correctly otherwise responding to input from both the Naim app (iPhone/iPad) and NDX2 remote. It will start /stop streaming from all sources (QBuz, Tidal, iRadio, etc.), shows screen art and will control the volume on the SN3 (you can see the knob rotate). It just looses sound output on both RCA and DIN. The ONLY way I can restore sound output is via a hard factory reset.

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