NDX2 not connecting to Qobuz - anyone else? Fix?

My NDX2 is streaming internet radio fine, but has today stopped connecting to Qobuz.

My subscription is to December, I can access Qobuz via web browser. But dead to my NDX2.

Is anyone else experiencing this? There was an old thread about it being a Qobuz certificate problem when it happened before.

A bit strange yesterday a Danish ndx2 user complaint that he could not use quboz
through chromecast but he had no problems when using tqobuz ifrom the naim app. Your problem seems to be the other way around.

Qobuz running fine on my NDX2, try to logout and login again.

Try to log out Qobuz everywhere. Then delete and install Naim app again. Log in. Should work.

Thanks all. Fixed now.

  1. Logged out of Qobuz on PC.
  2. Deleted Naim App from phone and restarted phone.
  3. Powered down NDX2 and XPS2 and removed power cable from NDX2. Restarted. Checked latest firmware but up-to date already.
  4. Downloaded and reinstalled Naim app.
  5. Downloaded Qobuz app on phone, played something and chromecast to NDX2 - all fine.
  6. Looked at favourites on NDX2 with remote - chose a Qobuz track which now played fine.
  7. Checked the App and it’s all back working.

Just one of those glitches - thanks for tips on sorting and reassurance that it wasn’t a general server fault.

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There was a major akamia dns server issue yesterday they look after a lot of services and took down some big names and banks, likely part of that.


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