NDX2 not discovering Core as server

After power cycling my NDX2 to add a 555DR the NDX2 will not see the music stored on the Uniti Core.

The naim app on my iDevice see’s all the rooms, my Qb, the NDX2 and the Uniti Core.

Any ideas how to force the NDX2 to see the music?


Just to add a bit more.

If I use search the NDx2 finds and plays music from the Uniti Core.

However the server icon for the Core doesn’t appear on the servers screen.

Tidal etc works.


Seems odd. Cant really suggest much other than trying the usual cure-all of restarting everything in order ; Router, Core, NDX2.

Good luck, Paul


If you are using an iPhone, shut down and restart the iPhone.

You may find that navigating back from wherever you are in the servers hierarchy to the point where you select servers and back again may bring the music listing back (this has occasionally worked for me). Otherwise power cycle the Core.



It appears the NDX2 is doing a full scan to search for potential servers and then maybe indexing them before they appear on the screen.

I went back (without doing anything further) a couple of hours later, and it had found both the Core and my Plex server and all music sources were correctly displayed on the App.

My learning point here is, its potentially just very slow at discovery.

Is it wise to disable server mode when not playing files on the Core and just streaming instead?

I read somewhere on the forum, that leaving it on can add some noise?

I never heard that and I read anything remotely about the Core. I don’t think it matters what you do from a noise point of view. And if you disable server mode and re-enable it later, then the streamer may have to re-index all over again.

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Leaving server mode on simply prevents the main transformer from turning off when the unit is put into standby, so any transformer hum you hear will continue when it’s not in use. Perhaps that’s what you mean by ‘noise’?
Server mode has no effect on the Core. It just activates the built in UPnP server in the streamer making it available to other streamers on your network should you use any.

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This was the thread David. See entry 15/16 of 45 from Naim. Reply by Flynn Charter.

Thanks for your reply btw. Have just got a Nd5xs2 so the anorak in me is looking into the minutiae of SQ.

Thanks for that Chris.

So is there any electrical saving to be had between leaving the streamer just on (idling) and when you put it into standby/server mode on whereby the main transformer is still left on?

Hope that makes sense. just curious.

If you put the streamer into ‘network standby’ mode the main PSU turns off, and a small switching supply takes over. This has just enough power to allow the app or remote to discover the streamer and wake it up, while complying with EU regs that limit power consumption of electrical devices in standby.
Enabling server mode is a sneaky way to leave the unit properly warmed up when in standby mode for optimum sound quality. So yes, it will use more power.

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Ok, unless your NDX2 has gone faulty, very unlikely, something is stopping your discovery responses returning to the the NDX2… certainly if other devices can see your upnp server.

So best look at the network… have you got everything plugged into a single switch using Ethernet? Make sure you are not using any kludges like Powerline mains adapters … if using wifi try Ethernet instead.
With the switch try using either a very basic device like a little cheap Netgear or so called Audiophile device, or a commercial grade product like a Cisco 2960.

Just leaving it alone sorted it.

For info (@Simon) I’ve been using an HDX for years, and recently updated to the NDX2/555/Uniti.

All the networking is commercial class, and indeed im using Cisco 2960’s based upon recommendations here.


Good it is working… perhaps the NDX2 had a glitch…although not noticed any such thing happen here… using Catalyst 3750 and 2960s, and a Netgear NAS/media server, as well as Roon Core on an iMac.
If you are running Catalyst devices you can log onto the switches and see the SSDP discovery group (IP address associated with the streamer and server ports… once you confirm that you know it’s unlikely to be a network related issue and more likely product/software related.

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