NDX2 not finding NAS Synology

Hello, NDX2 is not seeing the NAS (Diskstation); when I am on the app, the “server” does not show anything; I have checked that all are under the same network, no subnet. See attached my router connections, you can see both NDX2 and NAS ; I have rebooted many times as per the read I have done in the forum ; it does not help.

Noticed this with my synology NAS today. In my case the media server software on the NAS was in need of repair following the last dsm update. I am still running v6.2+ rather than the latest v7. Once that was done the music was serving again and playable from the Naim streamer. Worth checking?

Do you have a UPnP server running on the NAS? This is what the streamer needs to find on order to acces your music.
There is a server bundled with a Synology NAS called Media Server which you may need to enable; Asset or Minimserver are popular alternatives.

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What have you rebooted - ideally NDX2, NAS and most importantly your router.
Has this been working in the past?
Also do you have VLC player installed on your computer - may help in diagnosing the issue later?

For what it’s worth, I occasionally fail to see my Synology NAS (running Asset UPnP) on the Naim app (on iOS). Normally, I kill the Naim app and the server will appear again without need to restart the NAS, routers or Naim streamers (in my case an Atom and a ND5 XS2)

thank you. I would I do that ?

yes, all 3 rebooted - still not working
I have vlc on my Mac

On my Core (which I’m running diskless from a Synology DS918 NAS), I’ve got SMB enabled, and have set up a username/password pair that I’ve dedicated to the NAS. This user has read/write access to the shares on the NAS (one which I keep my downloaded music on, and run as a share on the Core, and the other which I keep the rips from the Core on, and run as a store).

Of course, if you’ve had the Core working with your synology in the past the configurations should be ok…

@Benjetmanu have you installed the “Media Server” from Pakage Center on your Synology?

Try googling this " How to enjoy multimedia contents stored on Synology NAS" and " My DLNA player cannot detect Synology NAS" you should find a Synology KB article

From VLC player, go to UPnP and you should be able to see your Synology device (and possibly your NDX2) as shown below. Can you provide a screen shot? From here you should be able to navigate to your artists/albums and play your music if all is running and available.

Also (sorry if a silly question) but has anything changed since it last worked, and is your NAS a newish purchase. Have you patched it recently?

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A non naim app approach is best way ahead.

Another media app will tell you if your NAS is visible on the network, and if a uPNP server is available on it.

Or a network scanner like Fing will also tell you this, listing exposed ports/services on the NAS.

Depends how technical you are :smile:

GREAT PROGRESS !!! My Synology Diskstation now appears on my servers when I turned on the DLNA on in the synology.
Synology now appears in my Naim App and VLC.
However, when I browse into it… no music. Folders seem empty while I know it is full of music file that I can see when I browse directly in Synology Diskstation via WebUI.
See attached.

Naim community. Thank for your support all solved.
I had first to enable DLNA in my NAS via WebUi
Then, I had to index the folder with my Music in the same Menu.
See attached.
All solved - Thanks

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