NDX2 not playing tidal master

Looking for some assistance / advice.
I have upgraded my NDX 2 to firmware version 3.7.0 (5270)
I have a tidal HI-FI subscription.
I have checked the quality settings and they are set to MASTER in the tidal app.
In the tidal app I pick a master quality track, connect using Tidal connect to the NDX2 and initially you see the Master icon on the top right with the connect icon to the left of it, but as soon as the music starts playing it drops back to HIFI.

I have rebooted everything (iphone / NDX2) and my Tidal and Naim apps are up to date.

Anyone else seeing this? Any thoughts on how to resolve?

Thanks Doug

If you use the search facility you will see many many posts about the fact that Naim does not support MQA and why that is.



I thought the new Firmware version was to introduce support for MQA through Tidal Connect. Have I got that wrong?

Thanks Doug

There is a work around. It’s called Qobuz.
I swapped, not completely because Naim doesn’t cover MQA, but because Tidal pushes MQA and doesn’t really mind too much that it isn’t exactly what it says on the tin. The Goldensound YouTube and an evening of researching myself led to me changing. Also, Qobuz is cheaper.

Hi Doug. Yes, TIDAL Connect is unrelated to MQA.

Thanks all, time to do some research on Qobuz!


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