NDX2 … one month on

Set-up: NDX2 / XPS-DR → HiLine → NAC282 / HiCap (non-DR) → NAP250DR → NacA5 (4mtr) → ProAc TriTowers

Source: almost 100% ripped CDs FLAC Lossless on QNAP NAS - WAV (Ethernet), using Asset

Also, occasionally, CDs … CD5x / FC2x → NAC282

And, temporarily, TIDAL :grinning:

The NDX2 replaced an 8 yr old NDX. Prior to having the NDX2, for the last 8wks of the NDX’s use, I removed nDAC from set-up so that the SQ comparison between NDX and NDX2 is not compromised.

Most days the NDX / NDX2 is in use 3 – 7 hours. Mostly classical (concert hall / choral) and film soundtrack, some easy listening (orchestral and song stylists), some jazz.

Sound quality:

For the first few days I had no impression that SQ was better … I asked myself if I’d fallen for marketing hype. I no longer think this … everything I hear is that bit clearer, cleaner, more detailed. This is more pronounced with vocal performances (e.g. Sarah Vaughan’s Images (1954), yesterday, was unbelievably realistic) and with solo and small ensemble instrumentals - e.g. this evening: Jascha Heifetz in Concert (1972) … both he and Brooks Smith might have been in our living room … but surely not the audience …

Larger orchestral works are less realistic (my brain overrules my emotions and tells me the 40 – 80 piece orchestra isn’t here).

Even if I’m telling myself SQ is improved just because of the £spend, my opinion is supported by my wife who has commented more than once that the sound is incredibly good.

And, when I can face disassembling, I shall re-introduce the nDAC.

So … all good? Regretfully not as there are a few operational and presentational issues which mean the NDX2 doesn’t tick all the right boxes. I shall make a separate posting to ask for advice, etc. as my “issues” may be resolvable.


Following with interest as this is similar to my planned upgrades.


Okay, let’s deal with the big disappointment - for me - but I’ll preface by saying this wasn’t a deal-breaker … I simply wish Naim had been clearer in its advertising/descriptive promotional information.

Chromecast built-in … Built-in Chromecast allows you to stream from hundreds of supported smartphone or tablet apps (192kHz)

One facility, offered by this upgrade from the NDX, I was looking forward to was being able to stream music concerts (for which I have subscriptions*) to the Naim Hi-Fi instead of the Pioneer AV set-up. I’ve posted before about my attempts to link the latter to the former without success (yes, AV by-pass works but is not the real-deal) and so the NDX2 would provide that (or so I thought).

My dealer explained that I would not be able to stream to both concurrently (i.e. audio to NDX2, visuals to TV monitor) and I accepted that. What came as a surprise was that Chromecast does not work at all if the signal is combined AV. All three subscription services give slightly different results … but none work.

This came as a surprise to both my Dealer and the Naim technical staff member who kindly telephoned me to take me through the set-up routine … only to find that it was the NDX2 which was the issue.

We agreed that Naim’s literature on this matter is deficient and I hope that this is remedied without delay. Surely I’m not the only (potential) user who looks to stream AV signals only to find Chromecast does not work.

  • Digital Concert Hall - Berliner Philharmoniker / Medici.TV / Marquee TV (all run live from iPhone app’s to Chromecast Ultra widget, HDMI to Pioneer AV receiver)
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Ive the Digital Concert Hall subscription too.

I had the same initial disappointment, but then I found out that I could use Airplay in the DCH app to watch it on my phone whilst listening via the Atom - different device as you have, but same steaming generation.

If I only want to listen, I just minimize the view section and swipe it to the side so that I have my full phone screen available.

Alternatively, I use the DCH app on my TV which routes the audio to the hifi.

Yes, I’ve tried AirPlay … it works well (+ve :grinning:) but it’s not as good as I presently have (Chromecast Ultra → Pioneer AV receiver).

I have considered routing an interconnect from the AV receiver to the NDX2 but I already do that for the BluRay player (superb SQ!)

I accept there are ways around but I note that you faced the same issue re: Chromecast.

I’ve an “old” B7 Lg oled Tv and the Digital Concert Hall app is available via the Lg content store. So if you have a similar smart Tv the best option is to run the app on your tv and connect the Tv to the Ndx2 via a digital cable or Bluetooth.

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Thank you for the suggestion, Peppo62, but I found Bluetooth on the NDX2 truly awful (sourced from my iPhone). Whilst AirPlay is excellent Bluetooth is a definite no-go.

Our old Panasonic Plasma does not have modern app’s, hence I purchased the Chromecast Ultra widget which is connected HDMI to the Pioneer AV receiver.

A minor query but maybe someone can answer:
I run QNAP AssetNAS as the primary server but I also have and occasionally use MinimServer. I also have an old Logitech SB Touch which reads the WMA files (the original CD rips stored on a PC-HDD) and this server will appear (not always) in the list.

But, with the NDX2 (not with the old NDX nor existing MuSo Qb v.1) we see another server:

“Local Music”

This, when opened, provides a long list of options: Albums / Artists / Genres / Newest CDs / … etc.

But, no matter which option is chosen, the result is the same: “No results”

So my query: where is this “Local Music” server located … and how do I disable it so that it no longer appears?

Anyone know?

Local Music refers to files on an USB stick/HDD that is attached to the NDX2. The new streamers (I’m not sure about the old ones) can serve this boss UPnP to other streamers in the network and to itself via the Local Music input

You can’t disable it. Just ignore it - or use it if you have any material on a USB drive that you want to play.

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Yes, I did. When I used my ChromeCastAudio a long time ago, I could defo stream the DCH using ChromeCast, but somewhere in time this stopped working. I’m afraid the interconnect is the way to go.

Can you not output audio directly from your TV using SPDIF/TOSLINK and input that in to your NDX2?
Your AV amp might also have a digital output you could use to achieve the same goal.

I’ve owned an NDX2 from new, you’ll want to give it more than a few weeks to settle in, might be obvious but make sure the firmware of the NDX2 is up to date and current.

Thank you. The NDX also has a USB socket, which I used once or twice, so I don’t see why the Naim app for the NDX2 has to show something that is not required … especially as it takes first place (i.e. above “Asset UPnP” and “Minimserver”

It’s not even listed alphabetically! :slight_smile:

Once you are using your Qnap you don’t need to use the screen that shows local servers, so it’s hardly an issue. It’s there should you want it.

It was probably the “upgrade” from Chromecast Audio to Ultra.

I looked to buy the Audio widget (nearly 2 yrs ago) but they’re no longer available,

Eh? When the user commences streaming the NDX 2 screen shows the various input options, UPnP being the one I normally choose … sometimes TIDAL (whilst I have the service), sometimes BluRay or CD … maybe even Internet Radio.

Once I have chosen UPnP I’m faced with the list of Servers, of which Local Music is the first.

Hence I don’t understand your comment.

I tried the option, last year (and queried/reported my findings on another thread), of using the AV’s Optical Out:

It didn’t work.

Thank you all for these replies but I’ll call an end to this Chromecast issue now … it’s a subject for another thread … I wanted and did highlight the fact that the NDX 2 does not accept Chromecast AV signals.

The USB implementation on the NDX2 is completely differently to that on the old model. It appears in the Server input because it can be accessed by a built in UPnP server that runs on the streamer, giving a better browsing experience than via the USB input and allowing other devices to access the music too.

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Just because the NDX had a USB socket does not mean that it could serve these files via UPnP to other streamers and to itself, like the NDX2 can.

On the NDX2, going through Server > Local Files provides a full-featured UPnP browsing experience with metadata, which going through the USB input option does not (the USB input option only gives a folder/file view)

It would be neater if Local Files was only displayed if a USB drive is connected, I don’t know why this is not the case