NDX2 only playing AAC via TIDAL

Got my NDX2 recently and am a steaming newbie so trying to make this work…
Using my free months of TIDAL HiFi+…which i understand uses MQA that the NDX2 cant play so will default to HiFi level…however all I’m seeing is AAC…? I have played numerous tracks and that’s it…My App is set to stream master…then I set to HiFi…but didnt make a change.
Qobuz works great - I see full FLAC but I am at a loss to get TODAL working to the level I believe it should…
What is the trick here…???

I believe, if you are playing directly from the Tidal app this is the case for some reason. If you play Tidal through the Naim app you will get the higher resolution. I maybe wrong however.

Also check the settings in the Naim app that it’s set to play at the highest rate.

Ah! - I found “input settings”. That is now set to HiFi and I can now see the FLAC files playing…
Thanks…I was looking at output settings…
Surprised there’s no manual or video out there for the Naim NDX2 set up/playing these apps.

Appreciate the nudge in the right direction…


I can’t remember when I signed in to Tidal in the Naim app if there was an option to choose Quality as you went along, or if it defaulted to ‘Normal’.

If it doesn’t ask I think it might be easy to miss this audio input setting. Same for Qobuz.

I only say it would be easy to miss as their native apps (at least Qobuz) normally have Settings you might investigate to determine preferences fro mobile data vs LAN for both streaming and downloads.


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