NDX2 or Qutest

I’ve got a Naim ND5 xs with a xp5xs power supply. Looking at upgrading to a NDX2 but thinking would I be better getting just getting a chord qutest and saving myself around £4k!

Not bothered about a super duper colour screen

Definitely worth a shot; there are a few reports here of nd*** + chord xxxx dac.

If you want updated functionality you might want to consider a current gen streamer. That could be an NDX2, or the much cheaper ND5XS2 with a Qutest or other separate DAC.

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There’s nothing wrong with using an ND5XS as a digital transport, it works very well.

What sort of updated functionality would I miss out on?

Would the sound quality be better with a NDX2 ?

You’ll get native support for Qobuz, Airplay, Chromecast and some iRadio streams not available on 1st gen streamers. The 2nd gen streamers are also a general sound quality improvement over their predecessors, but if that extra functionality is of no interest a DAC upgrade may be more use to you.

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