NDX2 ordered ... now what?

I would just add the XPS DR to your NDX 2 when it arrives and enjoy the music! I ran my NDX 2 for six months w/o the XPS DR and when I purchased and added to the system I found it to be a huge improvement. (my system, my room, my ears).

Why deprive yourself of the upgrade for two months. Life is too short… would you want to drive a Volkswagen for a couple of months instead of getting into the Porsche on day one?

Good luck with your decision. …and remember what other folks experiences are at their dealership and at home can be different from yours. If you read through enough threads on the forum lots of people make different decisions and none of them are wrong if they are enjoying the music.


Once you get the NDX2 use it with the XPS DR and see how you get on. Sell the nDAC on ebay for around £1000. You have a 282 with Hicap, so should all sound good.

If funds permit so if you can change out the XPS DR for a 555PS DR.

The NDX2 has the new streaming platform so should be better for apps than the NDX. Enjoy your upgrade. I see little need for keeping the nDAC for what will be a small possible improvement in sound quality.

An NDS sounds better than the NDX2 but doesn’t have the latest streaming platform.

The NDX2 is a great piece of kit especially with a 555PS DR. Will be great with the XPS DR. I think you’ll be very happy with it and enjoy it with your current kit and see if you need to upgrade it once you have it.

I heard the NDX2 with 555PS DR with 252 Supercap DR and 500DR. Sounded great. The Linn Klimax sounded a better source compared to it. And when I got home my system with NDS and 555PS sounded a bit better than the NDX2 to my ears.

Trouble is NDS is quite limited with new streaming apps. If I changed my streamer I would be looking to go ND555 used when prices drop in a few years time.

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If it were me I would hang fire on selling the nDAC straightaway, until at least you’ve tried out different combinations to see what you prefer.

I initially used my NDX2 with 555PSDR for over 2 years having sold off my CD5XS and nDAC (which I’ve since regretted).

The NDX2/555PSDR is indeed a fine source but over time I’ve found the NDX2 inbuilt DAC lacking compared to other DACs, including the nDAC. Despite it’s age, the nDAC is still a great DAC, with a lovely organic soundstage that IMO the NDX2 doesn’t quite match.

I’ve since been running my NDX2 with my Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro DAC (and more recently with an nDAC I bought again for a CD5XS on a second system) and I much prefer it as a transport.


… or see if you can get a deal on a 555PSU by P/X the XPS and Ndac?

With the current (worldwide) component shortage it will probably take several months for your NDX2 to arrive so plenty of time to decide.

I have been given a delivery date of approx. a month so hopefully not so long a wait :grinning:

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Thanks for the suggestions re: a 555 … I’ll admit that this hadn’t crossed my mind. With this recent spend I don’t think anything significant will be on the agenda for a while … who knows: we may start travelling again in 2022. :sunglasses:

In summary, it’s whether I keep the nDAC in the set-up … time will tell.

As I mentioned earlier, my dealer was clear that the next step should be replacement of the speakers. Yesterday’s demo utilised PMC Twenty5 23i floor-standers (as being of a similar price to our existing ones - allowing for 12 yrs’ inflation) fed from a bare SuperNait 3. I know I’d want something better when the time comes …

Slightly OT but… how long does it take for a new NDX2 to fully brake/burn/settle in?

Reckon mine took 3 to 6 months. Might sound extreme but…In that time is was on 24/7. Streaming BBC 6 music was not on a real job.

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Thanks! Mine is on 24/7 for a week now so there are some more miles to be covered… :slight_smile:

When I get quizzed as to whether the spend was worth it … I shall refer to your posting and say it may take 3+ months to hear the benefit. I only hope my wife will understand :rofl:

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When it does arrive, I hope you will give the NDX2 into your nDAC/XPS a try and report your findings. There doesn’t seem to be enough experience with this specific combination. Congrats!

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If he tries it I think he’ll find it enjoyable. I have the ND5XS2 into a nDac/XPSdr and it’s fantastic for my system, ears, room etc.

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I can imagine. Also, I’d think what you have is close to what I would love to hear experiences about with regard to the NDX2. I have the NDX2/XPS-DR, but not certain what an nDAC would bring. It’s simply more curiosity than anything; an interest rather than an itch that needs scratching. I’ve only read of two or so on this forum who have tried, but the results weren’t thorough, necessarily. What I mean is it was hard to decipher if the juice was worth the squeeze.

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Hi, @Musicmad. Congratulations on your forthcoming NDX2!

I think running the NDX2 bare would be interesting, but, first, I would rather slot it in for the old NDX, to hear any differences through the nDAC/XPS, while old memories persist.

After that, I would take out the nDAC and move the XPS to the NDX2 for a few weeks to let that combo bed in. Then add back the nDAC/XPS configuration to make a decision.

I would not part with the nDAC in haste, if it can be avoided.

If you decide to swap the XPS for a 555 at a later date, run the comparison again.

I look forward to reading your findings here.

Best, and enjoy!



I think you are right to wait for the NDX2 to arrive, which is clearly a done deal, and then try the system with and without the nDAC, with the XPSDR powering the NDX2 in the option with the nDAC out and moving the XPSDR to the nDAC when it is introduced, to keep a level playing field. Remember to give the NDX2 time to settle in before making this comparison. This is the only way to settle the question in your mind.

I am not sure how much better SQ wise the NDX2’s streaming section is over the NDS’s, nor indeed the relative SQ of the nDAC’s and NDX2’s DAC sections. The former comparison is now irrelevant, the latter yet to be decided. At least you will be getting the new features offered by the NDX2’s streaming platform.

If you find no benefit from retaining the nDAC, sell it. It would then be worth trialling a PS555(DR?), and compare to the XPSDR, on your NDX2. If you feel the better PS is worthwhile in your system, a preloved PS555 might be affordable including the funds from the nDAC and XPSDR. I feel this could be preferable SQ wise than changing your speakers at this stage, depending on your current speakers, which you do not specify.


As I’ve stated, I’ve ordered the NDX2 so the suggestion that the cheaper ND5 XS2 with nDAC/XPS-DR is the better route is not something I’ll now consider.

But whilst I have removed the nDAC from the set-up presently and have thought about selling it, I doubt I’d get much for it … better to keep it in case it does have some use. So, maybe, I will try it with the NDX2 but the two extra power connections add complications … unless I remove the CD5x/FC2x.

I should report that in the last two weeks I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good the music is from the NDX/XPS-DR (i.e. without the nDAC).

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I’m thoroughly enjoying my bare NDX2 for a few weeks now. Very good and it improves impressively during brake/burn in. Love it.


That’s just what I want to read - thank you! :grin:

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Regardless congratulations, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Everyones situation is a little different.