NDX2- plex or Miniserver with Synology

Hello I just spent some time to install Plex, Miniserver on my synology. The library contains 3600 albums. Miniserver seems much more fluid in terms of speed of response than Plex which takes an eternity to open each opening. In addition, Plex does not provide the exact content of my albums. For example, the recent Depeche Mode set contains 18 albums. Plex shows 5. The others are mixed with the pouches. You use which platform with your NAS. Plex is it also slow to load at home. I have a NDX2. Thank you

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You are talking about MinimServer, right? The most popular UPnP servers on the forum are Asset UPnP and MinimServer - it seems that it depends on the kind of metadata you need, MinimServer might be better for classical. There are lots of existing threads about them.

Thank you.

Plex is not really for audio, it’s designed for video.
Minimserver is best for classical music, but now with Minimserver 2 it costs & the ‘free’ version that’s now supplied with Synology has some limitations.
Asset UPnP in my opinion & my music is so much better. It’s excellent for rock, jazz, folk etc.& although perfectly OK for classical, it has some limitations with large collections that include versions of the same work by different orchestras and/or conductors.

Darko recommended Plex for music on the move from your own library.

Both Asset and Minim have pros and cons, with Minim being originally designed with classical in mind. But the learning curve is steeper with Minim and it lacks some features such as New Albums. I have and use both on my Synology, but mostly Minim.


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