Ndx2. Plus XPs dr

Thinking of adding this power supply to my NDX2 but as a novice to this I wonder why there is never any discussion about the power chord from socket to the XPs dr. My simple mind questions why it does not seem to matter. Think the unit does not even come with the lite chord?

Any ideas please.

Hi, it definitely ships with the Powerline Lite. That is the standard cable with Classic level kit now IIRC.

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Just added the XPS DR to my NDX2. What can I say?!!
Like a new source! Better defined , more tuneful bass. Bigger soundstage with better definition of each strand of the music. Everything better. I am quite shocked at the uplift to be honest! I had to sacrifice the CD5 to gain the shelf space but I hardly ever use it as all my CDs are ripped to a drive attached to the streamer.
I know what you are all going to say. “555 PS”
No, not going there! Enjoying this too much at the moment. :partying_face:


Give the XPS DR some time to break in. You can always add a Powerline if you want, but I’d wait a bit then you’ll be able to distinguish the differences if you chose.


I’d go for the XPS DR without hesitation. Sounds superb with the supplied Powerline lite.I have a full fat Powerline on mine but I’d be more than happy with the supplied cable.
I picked up the XPS secondhand (2018 vintage). Worth considering and you could do as I did and hunt out a secondhand Powerline for much less than a new one.

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It may be worth mentioning for US readers who are tracking down info on the XPS DR that the Powerline Lite is only available in the UK… XPS DR’s sold in the US come with a standard black plug. The 555PS does ship with the full Powerline power cable. I used a Transparent Super power cable from my XPS DR and it worked great, plugged into an Isotek Sigmas. I don’t think I ever even unpacked the black power cable it shipped with.

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