Ndx2 power light flashing 6-4-1 pattern

Afternoon all,

Some NDX2 joy. Had to take system apart today and on reconnecting power lead for NDX 2, power button light starts flashing in 6-4-1 sequence. Can’t seem to do a factory reset because power button light immediately goes into this sequence. If I try the factory reset idea whilst plugging the power cable in, the setup gets as far as the Home Screen and then freezes. Remote control won’t connect either and not seen on the app any more. Anybody got any (sensible :sunglasses:) thoughts on possible causes/remedies?

Thanks (in musical silence) !

Are you trying a hard or a soft reset?

Pull power plug out press top and bottom buttons whilst putting power lead in again and keep holding until screen turns on. This is a hard reset. For a soft reset do the same but with the middle two buttons.

You’ll need to repair your remote after this:

Pairing the Remote

  1. To pair your remote, ensure NDX 2 is turned on.
  2. Press the Play/ Pause button on the front of the NDX 2.
  3. Press and hold the Home button for 3 seconds. …

Thanks Richard! I’ll give it a go…

Tried the hard reset and all that seems to do is to have changed the light sequence to 2-4-10 flashes. There’s no apparent joy on the remote and when I looked on the app, I think it’s seeing a new NDX2 but is getting stuck on checking for Firmware update. Just keeps spiralling…

OK thanks. I’m not entirely sure what that sequence signifies. Probably worth giving your dealer or support a call when they’re back from the long weekend. Unless someone like @tomvamos or @WonkyPenguin are on the forum over the weekend and have some ideas to help you out.

In the meantime I’ll move this over to the Streaming Audio Room just on case someone frequenting there can help out.

As you’ve had the system apart, have you checked the ‘Power Supply Upgrade’ plug is fitted correctly & is firmly twisted in place. Same thing if you have a PSU check that the burndy cable connection is fitted correctly.

Thanks… yes, I’ve just checked that. Still happening. Annoying thing is that there was nothing wrong before I stripped it apart. :roll_eyes:

Thanks Richard, and appreciate your help.

Hi Richard, Just to close this one off. Spoke to Ash in support this morning and my NDX2 needs some loving attention back at NAIM central. Ash was very helpful and everything I’d expect from Naim.


OK, sorry to hear that Neil, but glad Ash was able to get to the bottom of the issue.

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