NDX2 Query

Thinking of upgrading my streamer in the next few months – probably a second-hand NDX2.

Is there anything to be aware of in terms of model year changes or service intervals? Any advice most welcome.

Did somebody say power supply?
Nothing major to be aware of here, they’ve only been around since 2018 and not (to my knowledge) had any changes since launch.
You can as you’re probably aware run it off it’s own internal power supply, many have added an external PSU such as a XPS DR or 555PS DR with positive results. The new 200 Series NPX 300 power supply also can be used to power an NDX 2 with a suitable additional cable.
I’ve had one for a while now and can only sing its praises and recommend it.


I have had my NDX2 for nearly 3 years. I formerly owned the ND5 XS and ND5 XS2. The NDX2 is a great network player, and as Mr.M says, can be upgraded with a power supply.

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I just wanted to point out that a power supply…

Model changes; nothing of any significance. Individual components might change eg a resistor goes “no longer available “ so a new one is selected and goes through an approval process, but no major revisions.
Service interval is the same as all classics; 12 to 15 years.

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I have had a NDX 2 for a few years and think the music is top shelf. I ran it for awhile without a power supply and thought it was top notch. I eventually added an XPS DR and found the musical enjoyment was enhanced. Others have reported that the XPS DR did not make much of a difference for the cost of the unit.

Advice is to always demo at dealer and home demo if you can in your room with your hi-fi and speakers.

Good luck with your decision.


Thanks for all the advice – much appreciated.

I’ll contact my local dealer next month to arrange a demo. Hopefully they’ll let me borrow a unit to audition at home.


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