NDX2 questions

Just got my brand new NDX2 (replacing my trusty NAC272) and I have a couple of questons that hopfully those of yo uwho already have a NDX2 may know the answer to

The NDX2 is powered by 555DR power supply

  1. What is the guidance on keep the display on all the time - ok or will it cause screen burn (like on the NAC272) - As I understand the display on the NDX2 is not OLED but LED and so should have screen burn - but can anyone confirm this please

  2. When I out the unit into standby - the logo light goes off - cant see anything in the setting that allows the logo to stay on. I tried pressing the logo - but this does not seem to do anything

  3. On the remote all the button have a nice click when depressed - except the up/down/left/right buttons that dont seem to click in any way and needs a firmish press to get any action - is this a fault with the remote? (As a side point - I have to say that I think the quality of the plastic on the 272 remote is much better than the material used on the NDX2)

  4. Using the remote or button on the unit - how do you select the local NAS unit? I can see how to select this from the Apple/Google Naim app - but cant see how to select this with the remote. What am I missing?

In the mean time, the unit is switched on playing Radio Paradise in the background, sounding very nice - but I wont get a chance to critically listen till later today - looking forward to this

You are right on the remote and so far Naim has not officially admit it has button press travel issues. I know at least 2 NDX 2 remote to exhibit this kind of problem :cry:

I used a NDX2 for a few weeks whilst my ND555 was back at Naim for repair after suffering from a major internal organ failure.

When the dealer reinstalled my ND555 I did comment on how good the NDX2 sounded with the 555ps power supply but I thought the quality of the remote was extremely poor and it deserved a better quality remote .

yes it needs to be said, for a premium product the NDX2 remote is very poor

I’ve owned quite a few classic naim pieces purchased over many years, and without fail each remote was an improvement over earlier versions UNTIL the remote for the ndx2 - a bulky brick, not handy to hold, with a plastic that shows every fingerprint (reminds me of the old B&O equipment) - they had beautiful design and touch buttons - but- every fingerprint marred the clean design. As far as the screen goes, it is not close to where I sit so I leave it off.

I can’t say I use my remote that often, my wife does occasionally to control the volume.
It’s the same one used for the Uniti products, I guess Naim figured it was good enough to use the same one, it uses a Zigbee wireless interface not IR so using an alternative may be challenging.
I tend to use the Naim iOS app mostly or the NARCOM that came with the SN3.
I’m hoping to strap a 555PS on mine at some point, bet that sounds nice despite to Fisher Price RCU.

The ND555 remote is a bit snazzier but not sure if it has the same vague navigation buttons

Blimey. I really like the NDX2 remote. All rectilinear with nice sharp corners and a reassuring heft. Lights up on pick up…What’s not to like?



I have had the NDX 2 for 17 months and the remote works fine for me. I use the iPad for navigation, this includes finding the music on my NAS, and volume control the vast majority of time and the remote for volume control on occasion.

I have kept the screen on all the time since I enjoy seeing the album covers. This has been discussed in other threads and from what I remember the NDX 2 screen does not fail like earlier models.

I do not believe I have my NDX 2 set to go into standby since I believe the Naim logo light stays on all the time.

Sit back and enjoy the music…

You might want to check it is set to ‘never’ in the app. Improves performance ime @seakayaker


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I guess an answer is to keep it on all the time. And if it looks like it’s going to fail, make sure it’s within the first five years. And get it changed under warranty.

I’ve never used the remote on my NDX2.

Everything on the app.

Volume control via app aswell is a nice touch.

I’ve found answers to some of my questions…

  1. Since the display is not OLED, it is less prone to screen burn. However for ultimate sound quality, the advice seems to be to switch the display off. However I have to say thatcI could not discern a difference.

  2. When the unit goes into standby, the logo off. This can’t be changed.

3/4) I could not find an answer to this, but judging from the answers, I may have a faulty remote. I will check with my dealer… but overall while there are some nice features on the remote, the fact that upnp devices can’t be selected and used with the remote is in my view a bad omission.

I am assuming NDX2 will need a week or so of running before it sounds it’s best, although I can hear improvement over my (now traded in) NAC272

The faulty round control button on the remote is something a few people have found. Mine with my NDX2 was like that, but the same remote that came with my Atom was OK. Ask your dealer for a replacement.

Naim replaced my NDX2 remote… the new one was a bit better - but not a lot better…

I am ok with the look of the remote apart from the fact that it’s made with what feels like cheap plastic and the buttons (especially the round control really should have a better consistency for quality (delaer’s remote was fine - the one I have and the previous one I had are not really vey good).

The remote I had with the NAC272 was substantially better…

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