NDX2 reboot playing Qobuz playlist

I was playing.a Qobuz playlist today, and the NDX suddenly rebooted at the end of a track.

Software versions as below.

I’ve had the NDX 2 since Jan 21, and this has happened a few of times, but. Not recently

Is this a known issue?

Yes you should contact Naim support by email or phone. The contact details are in this website.

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There were a bunch of reboot issues over recetn months and most have been fixed, but the odd one clearly still exists. They are always very specific, like progressing between two specific tracks. (E.g., Qobuz might be sending dodgy metadata). So it would be great if you could contact Naim support, to report the specific case you experienced, as otherwise Naim cannot find and fix the issue. Simply email support@naimaudio.com with a description, and they may want to know more.

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